Who I Am

Celina McMahon is a Certified Life Coach, Spiritual Alchemist, Modern Day Priestess and Soul Mandala Creator. She lives in western Massachusetts with her husband and one very crazy cat.  She has taken a journey through life that has led her away from what she thought was her passion, to one that truly has become her life goal and soul’s vision.

Along her travels she has learned, listened and found a way to realize her dreams by helping others achieve theirs.  Although she does have her B.A. in Art, she has found her education in the ways other people see things and the unique way she, herself, sees things. That vision allows her to see the little things that others may miss and then reveal those things to the world. It allows to walk with her feet astraddle two worlds, the invisible and the visible, the logical and the creative, the empirical and the spiritual, the rational and the intuitive. She is a bridge between them.

Her creative spirit has led down a path of art, sculpting, oil painting, pottery, sketching and mandalas, and she has felt driven by her passion to listen without judgment and offer gentle, helpful guidance to those looking for direction and support.

As she too listens, her business continues to grow and change.  She invites you to take this trip with her and hopes that it may offer a passage that you may not have otherwise seen. Buy your ticket to this once in a lifetime trip at www.containedwithin.com.  The world is waiting.  You have been a passenger long enough.  Let Celina show you how to set sail, chart your own course and discover what the world has planned for you…

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  1. Hi Celina. We seem to have the same thoughts about intuition. I feel so energized when trusting my intuition and it’s not let me down yet! Perhaps you’d like to look at http://www.embersoftheworld.com, or ‘like’ the FB fanpage, to continue staying linked:)

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