How to meditate with Celina’s mandalas.

Find a comfortable place to sit where you can place the mandala before you at eye level. Eye level is the best position because it keeps your head up and chakras aligned. The position is not vital. Do what is comfortable for you. You want the mandala positioned so it is about 2 or 3 feet from your eyes and will be the first thing you see when you open your eyes. After you have positioned your mandala and are sitting comfortably in front of it, you may set an intention for the meditation. This can be an intention of bringing more of that energy into your life. The intention can be one resolution, release, healing – whatever you desire for the moment. You can set an intention or you can let the mandala guide you.

Begin to breathe in and out in slow, regular breaths. Allow your body to relax. As you notice your breath getting deeper and your body relaxing, bring your attention to the mandala before you. Allow your eyes to partly close. Focus on the image, blinking as little as possible and yet not straining to keep your eyes open. Notice the colors and shapes. Do any of them speak to you? Do any of the colors mean something to you at this moment? Are the shapes easy on your eyes? Notice the answers that may come to you and do not judge them. This is just information.

When you feel you can hold the image of the mandala in your mind, close your eyes and let the image play across your imagination. Allow the image and information to happen. If the mandala changes, let it change. If it speaks to you, let it speak. Hold no expectations about what is going to happen and hold no judgments about what does happen.

If you feel you have lost the image of the mandala or have been distracted by your thoughts, then open your eyes and look at the mandala again until you can again hold it in your mind. There are no judgments and no expectation about the process. This is an easy, relaxed, and gentle process. Do this for about 20 minutes, once a day, for 10 days, working with the same mandala during that time. If 20 minutes seems too long a time at the beginning, start with 10 minutes and work your way up to 20 minutes. I suggest that you have a paper and pen nearby so you can write any insights that come to you during the meditation.

After the 10 days, take a break of 4 days of working with the mandalas. I highly recommend you continue some type of meditation practice during the time. An example of this is by focusing on the in and out of your breath as you are breathing, keeping your eyes closed during the whole time. These four days are what I call the integration or settling in period. Consider them to be the time after a meal when you are digesting what you have eaten. During this time, the energy you have been working with over the last ten days will be digested and incorporated into you. This is the period in which this energy will reveal to you how to work with it in your life at this time. These four days are an important period. Allow yourself the time for integration and digestion.

After the 4 days off, you can begin the cycle all over again with another mandala.


  1. As you well know, not everyone (very few perhaps) can sit still long enough to achieve a meditative state. The longer you sit the more difficult it is to push passing thoughts out of your mind and maintain focus. Before you know it you are fretting over work, planning a dinner menu, or just giving up. Our action-oriented, multi-tasking, Western society simply doesn’t mesh with traditional Eastern meditation techniques. This is where active meditation comes to the rescue.

    • I agree! I love mediation. I tell people just START! Worry about the thoughts and monkey mind chatter later. Just create the habit everyday of taking 5 minutes to be in silence. When 5 minutes is a habit, then do 10. Just start! That is the most important thing. So many people don’t do it because they think they can’t silence there mind. Then I explain that is why it is called a meditation “practice“, you practice to get better. What type of mediation do you practice? I do primordial sound meditation, with variation through in occasionally for fun.

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