The Alchemy of “It’s all Energy”

“It’s all energy.”

I don’t remember if it was that exact phrase or not. I might be condensing down a few months of thought processes into that one little saying. Yet it wasn’t until I got that, or rather, it wasn’t until that awareness about the world around came into my belief systems, that I really began a journey back to spirituality and back to a spiritual practice. “It’s all energy.” and “Everything is vibrations.” were the two things that really pulled together into a logical thought process for me all of the beliefs I had been exploring and attempting to wrap a practice into. I was also attempting to wrap my brain around the things I had been learning. Those two things helped everything fall into place for me.

It wasn’t surprising, when I consider it, that it was a logical, practical belief that really supported me in allowing my beliefs to be more open to all of the spiritual aspect of this life. I was a very logical, rational person, and many of the things I had been presented with in the course of my religious upbringing didn’t make logical sense to me. I could not wrap my brain around so many of the things presented. When these two very logical and very rational ideas were given to me, it was like a light bulb turned on. I could safely begin to explore all of the “far out” things I had been presented with because I could fit them into this–very tidy– belief: it’s all energy.

All the energies of “emotions” are different vibration or frequencies. You can be in harmony with those frequencies or in disharmony. In other words, these energies can support you in your life or not support you. When “working” with a different energy, through discussions and energy work, each person can be brought into a harmonious vibration with these energies and then these energies can support someone in moving forward in their life. This is what called Alchemy. Alchemy is defined as a power or process of transforming something common into something special or an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting. Well it is not really inexplicable. It is just happening in the invisible world of energy and vibrations.

It is all energy

In love and light

Where Has the Time Gone?

September. WOW. Two thirds of the year is gone. Where did it go? It seems like just yesterday that my husband and I had sat down to figure out what we wanted to aspire to this year. Now more of the year is behind us than in front of us. Many of the things we talked about have not even been mentioned again. Some things discussed and not acted upon. Other things we are actively working on creating habits around. Many years in the past I would look in despair at what has not been done.

I am getting much better now at looking at this time of year as the “Kicking ass and just getting started” time of the year. There is still plenty of time to finish off that which you planned for, excitedly I might add, at the beginning of the year. There is still 4 months of this year in which to shift, change, and transform your life like you planned at the beginning of the year. Every day a new day to start again. Every week a new week. Every month a new month. Make it happen. Get excited again. Dream again. Aspire again. Just do it.

For me, I’m going to get out the list of Goals and Aspirations, sit down with my hubby and figure out how to make it happen. I will allow myself a few moments of regret for what was not done (yet) and I give you permission to do the same. Then I will let it all go and begin again. Every day I will start a new. Commit and recommit. Until the days have gone by and the year is done. Then I will look back at these last few months and say “Yeah. We did that!”

Then we will celebrate with pizza! (and maybe ice cream)

Bring it ON!!!!!

In love and light

Being Right

Spirituality and Being Right.

When I was doing a series of personal development seminars that supported me in finding the current path I am walking, there were two addictions that they talked about often. These two addictions were the cause of many challenges, conflicts and lack of success in people’s lives. They are: looking GOOD and being RIGHT. I would like you to consider that for a moment. Think back to a recent conflict in your life and figure out which one (or both) might have been present during that conflict. Being RIGHT plays havoc with my life quite often. Of the two it is the one I have the most challenges with.

The reason I bring them up is not for the reason you think. After going through all of the seminars, many people were very aware of when these two addictions would rear their heads. The question “Are you looking good or being right?” was asked often (or at least this was pointed out is some fashion). One thing that I noticed was, that even after all this work, most people still did not realize that they were addicted to being RIGHT in their spirituality. That is – it wasn’t OK to have that idea be anywhere else in their life, yet it was still OK to have it in your spiritual beliefs. I never understand that belief. It still confuses me now. For someone to go through all that work (and expense) and adapt these new concept in the rest of their and still be unmovable with this area. It was like, because it was their spiritual belief, it was immune to the rest of the ideas and beliefs that had revolutionized your life. Makes no sense to me.

I love spiritual discussions around beliefs. They help me formulate and clarify what I believe. When I am in a discussion of this nature, my goal is to not have the “addicted to being RIGHT” addiction anywhere present. I want to have a completely open mind about what the other person is saying. I want to hear the passion and their beliefs, even if vastly different from mine. I want to know the whys of them. Many times we must agree to disagree and yet I am still glad to hear the beliefs. It will always reveal something new to me, if I am willing to listen.

What about you? Are you addicted to being RIGHT in your spirituality? Are you willing to listen with an open mind and open heart to another person’s belief even if they conflict with your own? Think about how different this world would be if people release the addiction to being RIGHT from their spiritual beliefs systems.

In love and light

Freedom – what is it?


Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Veteran’s Day are all holidays that usually have references to them about freedom and the freedom we enjoy here is this country. Mostly the phrases usually talk about how our freedom isn’t free and has been paid in blood by those men and women in our armed forces. I honer and respect those men and women who have chosen to join the US armed services. I honer them for their service and their willingness. I may not agree with what they have been sent to do, however, I can and do distance that from the people themselves. I do long for the day when they are not needed to serve. I grieve for how many return broken and battered by the service.

What annoys me about this whole thing is the idea that Freedom is granted, taken from, or given to any one of us. The freedom that is usually referred to in these cases is a freedom of external circumstances. That freedom is about the attitudes, society, and cultures that exist around you. It is outside of a person and is dependent of powers that you may feel you have no control over. It is about the laws of the land and how they are enforced. True Freedom is not granted by any one. It can not be taken from you. Laws have no affect over it. Freedom of this nature is not affected by outside forces; it is not removed by the whimsy of others. It is not, ever, something that people must shed blood and die for. It exists within all of us, all of the time.

Most of the definitions of freedom I looked up talk about external circumstances. This one, however, I thought might just come close to what Freedom is: the power to determine action without restraint. The reason I think it might be close is because it says “determine” actions. That means you are the one who is making the choice. Freedom means that is every moment you have the choice to determine how you are going to respond to the events and circumstances in your life. Freedom means realizing that no one has to tell you to be what to feel and think without you being willing to agree to it. Freedom is being unrestrained by external circumstances in your thoughts, emotions, words, and beliefs. That Freedom brings peace, serenity, and balance, and nothing can remove it or disturb it. It will always belong to you.

In love and light

The World Is In You

“You are not in the world, the world is in you” Deepak Chopra

I had heard this before but what it made it different this time was the context in which he put it. I had always heard it in terms of spiritual enlightenment. I had taken it to mean that when you achieve “enlightenment” you are still physically in this world but your spirit has reached a higher plane and exist outside this world. To me that meant the trials and tribulations of this physical world no longer mattered, or maybe it mattered but no longer affected, those who were now “enlightenment” That is what it meant to me, if I had to articulate the thought before I heard it put in a new perspective. That is what shifted for me after hearing Dr Chopra explained it – the perspective in which I viewed “the world is in you.”

This world is composed of energy. Think of the old question – if a tree falls in a forest does it make a sound. It makes a vibration that can be interrupted by our ears as a sound. So if there is no one there, then where is the sound? There is only the potential of a sound with the vibration generated by the falling tree. So everything – absolutely everything that we human beings interact with in this world is interrupted by our senses. That is the new shift I had around this statement. I can not see this world without my eyes; therefore everything I see is filtered by my sense of sight and then interrupted by my brain. Every bit of the energy vibration of this world is only experienced by me through my senses. So in that sense the entire world is within me because only through my own sense can I interact with this physical world. This is shown to me quite often as my husband and I see color very differently. I have a wider range of color perception than he does. He also experiences a wider range of sound nuances than I do.

So is it any wonder there are so many misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and miscommunications every day with each of us having our own unique experience of the world? It is also amazing that we can find a place of understanding and communications so fairly often. That even with those unique experiences we can find a way to connect and expand who and what we are.

So really what does this all mean on a daily basis? Just that you can never truly understand what another person is experiencing. They can explain it and perhaps you can get some of it but to truly understand their experience you must experience the world through the senses. That is not likely to happen yet. Although I do believe that we may find a way to achieve that someday. So the awareness that you may not understand what another is experiencing is critical thing to have. You can never understand someone until you walk a mile in his shoes… and hear with his ears, see with his eyes, and interpret with his brain. So as you go through your days know that what everyone around you is experiencing is there own interpretation of this world and it may not be at all like yours and that doesn’t make it wrong – just different.

In love and light

What Are the Priorities?

Ever been in one of those places in your life where you say to yourself, “OK. You can stop the ride now because I really want to get off?” So what do you do when you are in that place? For me, it is mostly putting my head down and doing only the next thing, finishing that one thing and doing the next thing, mostly at the last minute (or late. Hmmmmm). However, when I’m in that space I usually feel vastly overwhelmed and like I’m drowning all the time. I know this feeling is really bad when I retreat inside myself and shut out everything. I do mind numbing activities so my brain is not screaming at me all the time. The electricity bill goes up in the house as the “check your brain at the door” movies are watched, computer games are played, and the internet is searched for something to focus on. Not a really elegant solution, and it tends to prolong the feeling.

What I’m beginning to realize is that I get in these spaces from always doing, doing, doing, and not the fun kinds of doing. It’s the “shoulds” and the “musts” and the “obligations” that I do. These create a space for me which is one of constant “work” and no play. Eventually what happens is the little girl child in me gets sick of no play and digs her feet in, kicking and screaming along the way, until she is satisfied that she has had enough play. Believe me, this is not conducive to a balanced and harmonious life! Unfortunately, I tend to realize this after I’m in the midst of the little girl’s tantrum and I am only released when she has had enough fun. That’s my current story. I’m sticking to it. (Hmmmmmm)

It seems everything that I do for fun somehow or another ends up as a job or work. In makes sense in my mind, after all, if I love doing it, shouldn’t I make money doing it so that I can do more of it and have fun at the same time? What happens is that, as soon as I decide that is the case, there is a switch that happens in my head that goes from “FUN” to “OBLIGATION.” When that happens I start dragging my feet and all those things that I used to do that gave me enjoyment and balanced my life are now “chores” and I have just added “work” to my plate and day. As the day fills up with “work,” the little girl starts tapping her feet again waiting for play time. Sigh. I forget what fun these activities were before they become work. So does she.

Like all things, the solution to this challenge is a perspective shift. A change in beliefs about “work” and “play.” It is a movement from “should do” to “choose to do.” For me, it is also a reminder that the time of my days is best filled with priorities. Those things that are a joyful and heart filling. We all have things that we do because they must get done (laundry is always the first things I think of here. It just never ends!) and yet this does not need to be (and should not be) the focus of my daily life. I can choose to fit the “chores” in around the “joys” and not the other way around. I remember when I was beginning to create my daily spiritual practice and I thought, “How am I going to fit this into my life?” The answer was I don’t fit my practice in my life, I fit my life into my practice. Same answer for the challenge. I fit my life into my priorities.

In love and light

Why Do We Pray?

This question got asked a lot during the Modern Day Priestess training I attended. In the beginning, I, sort of, had an answer. Kind of. Now, I know, for myself, why I pray. Still to answer the question for yourself, you must first look at what you consider prayer to be. When I looked it up in the dictionary (OK, side note, you may notice I include dictionary definitions a lot. The reason I do so, is it gives us all a common frame of reference. It also gives a great understanding of what our society at large defines something as) it meant: a reverent petition made to God, a god, or another object of worship; an act of communion with God, a god, or another object of worship, such as in devotion, confession, praise, or thanksgiving; a fervent request; the slightest chance or hope. Pretty much what most people think prayer is. It was what I thought it was for the longest time.

I left all traditional religious practices in my late teens. I began the journey back to spirituality when I turned forty. I was looking for something, a daily practice, that didn’t leave me feeling disempowered, shamed and unworthy the way practices of my youth did. I knew that mediation would be a big part of it (and that is another post) and I knew that prayer would be a part of it also. Yet, as I developed this practice and instituted it into my life, the prayer I was saying just left me feeling confused and adrift. You see, I did not believe that God was some force outside of me. I believe that I, and everything else in the universe, was a part of God. So a beseeching or petition prayer didn’t feel right. The gratitude in my prayers felt right and empowering. The rest of it did not. Yet how was I to change things with my prayer if I couldn’t petition or beseech? I was very confused and unsure. That’s when my priestess training came into my awareness and the Oneness Prayer Technology.

The training was in Gore, VA. It is an eight hour drive down there. Four, 5 day weekend trainings over the course of a year. As I was driving down for the first training in October of 2009, I didn’t even know why I was going, only that I was. I was going so I could receive the Oneness Prayer technology. I didn’t know that then. I know this now. That Prayer Technology was a breath of fresh air to me. It was a candle in the darkness. It was a way for me to define my beliefs and to pray in a way that felt empowering, fulfilling and powerful. I knew that one of the things I wanted to do was exposed others to this method of prayer.

So why do you pray? What is it you want to accomplish with your prayers? Why do I pray, you ask? I pray for my own Consciousnesses. What do I want to accomplish with my prayers? I pray to Anchor in Truth. I pray to Acknowledge and Enliven the Oneness that we all are. I pray to Remember in every moment that there is only one thing happening at all times – the Unfolding of the Divine, Living Intelligence in Perfection, of which I am one with. I want to accomplish Truth with my prayers. Very simple, really. Incredibly powerful and amazing.

In love and light

Jealousy and Envy.

A good friend has come to you with some awesome news! They have just… [won the lottery, got accepted into the school of their dream, met their soul mate, are going to have a baby, got a promotion, raise, or new job]. Whatever it is, you are very excited and happy for them. You celebrate with them and help in the planning. Still, there is a part of you that is a little bit envious and a little bit jealous. You shove that part down deep inside of you because it is ridiculous! You are truly joyful for that the successes your friends have going on in their lives. The jealousy and envy is stupid and really not at all the person you are and want to be.

Still it was there.

Jealousy and envy, like anger, are emotions that most people put the “bad” or “negative” label on. So lets take a closer look at two of those emotions. Jealous is defined as a feeling of resentment against someone because of that person’s rivalry, success, or advantages. Another definition of jealousy is to be solicitous or vigilant in maintaining or guarding something. Envy is defined as a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to advantages, success, or possessions of another person. So these two feelings are described as resentment, discontentment, or covetousness.

Our emotions are there for a reason. We were given them, all of our emotions, by Spirit when our souls decided to take the human shape in this physical reality. Our emotions are not good or bad. They are just feedback. As with any feedback, there is information there for our expanding and growth if we are willing to look at it. If we are willing to take that emotion out from where we shoved it down inside of us and look at what it is really saying to us, we can expand ourselves and our joy at other successes.

What is the feedback that we might be receiving when we feel jealous or envious? Well the obvious is that we want what they have. OK. Is that really a bad thing – to want what someone else has? The feeling itself is not the problem, it what you do with the feeling that is the problem. Just noticing that you are jealous because your friend has a great new relationship and doesn’t spend as much time with you as before is not destructive or hurtful. It’s just a notice of what you want in your own life – either more of your friend’s time or a similar relationship. Is that “bad”? No. It is giving you something to strive for. It is showing what you want more of in your life. It is the actions that some people have taken after feeling the jealousy that has given jealousy its bad reputation and causes most people to deny that they are even feeling some jealousy or feeling envy.

Our emotions are here for a reason and that reason serves us. Denying any of the emotions we feel does not serve or support us. Use your emotions as the tool they were meet to be. They are road maps and sign post for your life. What is your anger, jealousy, or envy bringing to your notice? Take note of it and act in a supportive way on those feelings. Go out and search for a relationship (and have some fun while doing it), get your resume out there, or talk to your boss about your options. Do something that will move you forward into those things that you desire from someone else’s life. Stop beating yourself up because you felt that way. Notice it, figure out what it was saying, and take action. That is what our emotions are here for – guiding us on this path we call life. Enjoy that journey and don’t forget the chocolate.

In love and light,

Christmas? When Did That Happen?

I sort of skipped Christmas this year. My husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on December 7th (Thank You!) and did so in Walt Disney World. We were in Florida from the 4th to the 11th. We didn’t have anything done before we left and still didn’t have anything done for the holidays when we got back. No decorations up. No shopping done. No Christmas cards addressed. No holiday plans made. Nada. After getting back from the wonderful time in Florida I really didn’t want to rush around putting up decorations, addressing cards, and fighting crowds at the stores. Well, my husband got the tree up – pre-lit for our convenience – and we decided not to put ornaments on. OK, we did put on two ornaments – the two new ones we got in Florida. No cards went out and I realized that I had more presents stashed away than I thought,so I only had to venture to the store once. We did the holiday visiting thing, delivered our gifts, said “hello” to all the appropriate people and for the most part, I basically checked out of the Holiday Season.

I didn’t realize what I had been doing until I was doing a small ceremony at home for a fellow priestess who’s son had transitioned to Spirit on December 10th. I could not be with her physically as she held her ceremony so I held a ceremony at my home. It was just me, myself, and I and, of course, all those in Spirit. I held the ceremony for her son and my mom. My mom transitioned in February and, until that moment, I honestly did not realize how sad and hurt I was that she was not here. I did not realize that I was not dealing with those emotions. I was stuffing them down and ignoring all that they were saying to me. The ceremony allowed them to the surface and allowed me to face them, acknowledge them and embrace them as part my human experience. My heart cracked open a little wider. I became a little more aware. As a result, one of the aspirations I have set for this year is to be aware of my emotions and feeling.

There are reasons we do ceremonies and rituals. These practices anchor the Invisible World of Spirit into this physical, visible world. It allows the opening and expansion of the Truth that we might ignore in the hustle and bustle of our lives. Ceremonies and Rituals bring into our lives the mysteries and wonders of a World that is always in front of us and that we rarely take a look at. All the major religions of the world have Ceremonies and Rituals. They have Traditions to be honored and Wisdom to be acknowledged. However, these are no replacement for the Wisdom of your own Heart. I would invite you for the upcoming year, a year of changes, to step into your own ceremonies. Create your own path to Spirit. Whisper your own Prayers and Light your own Light. Make it part of your regular Spiritual practice to do rituals and ceremonies of your own design. Play your own part in anchoring the World of Spirit into this physical reality.

In love and light

What do Sandwiches and Abundance Have in Common?

I was eating the other half of my sandwich for lunch. Now this sandwich started its life as a lunch meal the day before. The sandwich then spent some time in my bag before I was able to get it refrigerated. Then it became lunch on the next day. The lettuce was a little wilted, and as I ate the sandwich I would remove some (most) of the lettuce. The sandwich still tasted OK. As I sat there eating, I was wondering why I just didn’t throw it out and get another sandwich? The answer – I didn’t want to waste food. I’ll waste time and money. I have done so abundantly in the past, yet I wouldn’t waste food. I hate throwing out food. Every time I do I get the sick feeling inside of me and think, “What a waste. There are people starving in the world and I’m throwing food down the garbage.” Talk about programing and belief systems! Whose voice do you think that was? Probably not mine. So I sat there eating a questionable sandwich and thought about abundance, scarcity, and my mindset.

What does it mean to have an abundant mindset? I’ve been challenged by this question in the past. When I was setting up my budget I questioned whether having a budget was living in an Abundant mindset. I came to the conclusion that it was. Now, many years and perspective shifts later I’m still not quite sure what the answer is. As you all know, awareness is the first step and the second is questioning what you believe and whether it supports you or doesn’t. So if I were to look at my beliefs around food and whether they supported me in an abundant mindset, what would I say? Well I know they are not my beliefs. They are beliefs that were programmed into me as I grew up. They are from my parents who would tell me to finish the food on my plate because someone was starving. They come from the TV shows and commercials I watched growing up. They are from my teachers and religious leaders who were asking for donations for those less fortunate than I was. When I look at this belief it is not coming from a place on abundance. It comes from a place of scarcity and lack and from a place of “there is not enough to go around.” That is not abundance.

I am blessed. I have always had more than enough food in my life. I have had enough money to buy what I want when I want it. I have a food budget and I have gone outside of that budget on occasion. I know that if I threw a sandwich away I would be able to afford another tomorrow. I have never starved because there was not enough money to feed me. That is abundance. If I choose to eat a questionable sandwich, I will do so not from a place of scarcity, but a place of abundance. I know I can afford another and I eat it to honor those that may not be able to and I will donate to those organization that support those that do not have the choice about what to eat and when. When those voices come and speak to me about those starving when I am throwing out food, I will remember that they have the best intentions and that I am truly blessed to have a choice. I will give Thanks for the blessings in my life, be more aware and conscious about them, and partake of those blessing before they expire!  The actions will look the same. What is different is my perspective on those actions. I will shift into a perspective that supports my abundance.


In love and light