Welcome to my blog!

Although I have been very happy with most of my experiences with GoDaddy, I was not at all happy to find out that I would have to pay an additional fee to remove the ads from my blog page after having just paid money to remove them from my website. So this is why everything looks different. If any of you know someone who can make this blog look more like my website, for not a lot of money or for bartering, send them my way.

I will be moving over all of my entries from all of my various writing to this one location. Even the stuff from my ning site. All my old writing and stuff will come here. I am hoping that I will be able to post my art work also. All things from Contained Within and Celina will hopefully land here first then move outwards. OK. Really everything will probably land in my newsletter first and then move out. We see how it goes. So thank for joining me and making the move if you were on my other blog.

In love and light