In December of 2011, I joined together with Michelle McCarthy of The Heart to Heart Healing Connection and Jess Steinman of In Touch with Spirit to do a newsletter called Alchemy of Oneness. Each month we offer our insights on different topics. There are also quotes, angel cards, mandalas and a termology section to support in the learning, growth and development of your own gifts. We would love for you to join us every month.

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An exceprt fromthe March 2011 newsletter:

A good friend has come to you with some awesome news! They have just… won the lottery, got accepted into the school of their dream, met their soul mate, are going to have a baby, got a promotion, raise, or new job. Whatever it is, you are very excited and happy for them. You celebrate with them and help in the planning. Still, there is a part of you that is a little bit envious and a little bit jealous. You shove that part down deep inside of you because it is ridiculous! You are truly joyful for that the successes your friends have going on in their lives. The jealousy and envy is stupid and really not at all the person you are and want to be.

Still it was there.

Jealousy and envy, like anger, are emotions that most people put the “bad” or “negative” label on. So lets take a closer look at two of those emotions. Jealous is defined as a feeling of resentment against someone because of that person’s rivalry, success, or advantages. Another definition of jealousy is to be solicitous or vigilant in maintaining or guarding something. Envy is defined as a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to advantages, success, or possessions of another person. So these two feelings are described as resentment, discontentment, or covetousness.  

Our emotions are there for a reason. We were given them, all of our emotions, by Spirit when our souls decided to take the human shape in this physical reality. Our emotions are not good or bad. They are just feedback. As with any feedback, there is information there for our expanding and growth if we are willing to look at it. If we are willing to take that emotion out from where we shoved it down inside of us and look at what it is really saying to us, we can expand ourselves and our joy at other successes.

What is the feedback that we might be receiving when we feel jealous or envious? Well the obvious is that we want what they have. OK. Is that really a bad thing – to want what someone else has? The feeling itself is not the problem, it what you do with the feeling that is the problem. Just noticing that you are jealous because your friend has a great new relationship and doesn’t spend as much time with you as before is not destructive or hurtful. It’s just a notice of what you want in your own life – either more of your friend’s time or a similar relationship. Is that “bad”? No. It is giving you something to strive for. It is showing what you want more of in your life. It is the actions that some people have taken after feeling the jealousy that has given jealousy its bad reputation and causes most people to deny that they are even feeling some jealousy or feeling envy. 

Our emotions are here for a reason and that reason serves us. Denying any of the emotions we feel does not serve or support us. Use your emotions as the tool they were meet to be. They are road maps and sign post for your life. What is your anger, jealousy, or envy bringing to your notice? Take note of it and act in a supportive way on those feelings. Go out and search for a relationship (and have some fun while doing it), get your resume out there, or talk to your boss about your options. Do something that will move you forward into those things that you desire from someone else’s life. Stop beating yourself up because you felt that way. Notice it, figure out what it was saying, and take action. That is what our emotions are here for – guiding us on this path we call life. Enjoy that journey and don’t forget the chocolate.

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