What I Do

I am the bridge between where you are now and where you want your life to be. I am enthusiastic about working with clients who are interested in expanding the creativity, inspiration and passion in their lives. I will work with you, support you, and encourage you toward developing, expanding, and shaping your unique talents and gifts so that you can create a truly inspired life, doing what you love to do!

My goal in this blog is to offer insights, new perspectives and a greater of understanding of who you are. As I explore my own beliefs, emotions and ideas, I hope that you will do the same.  Each step I take, I hope, will offer guidance to you in your own forward movement. As always comments, discussions and feedback is always welcome.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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  1. Hi Celina, I hope that this is a good place to contact you ?? We met at Melissa’s Brehm’s house some time ago to learn about mandala’s. I’ve been meaning to write a testimonial for you for sometime now. This is my testimonial, feel free to post my name 🙂

    “Thank you for a wonderful afternoon learning about Mandala’s. Although I’ve been always fascinated with the designs, I wasn’t aware that there was so much more to it! Thank you for enlightening me on the possible meanings of colors and shapes and how these designs are unique to us in that moment in time when creating our own Mandala.”

    I’m sorry for the lengthy procrastination. I do hope you are doing well in Mass. Also, congratulations on completing your priestess training? (you were in Melissa’s class, right?) Peace, Kathy

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