The Alchemy of “It’s all Energy”

“It’s all energy.”

I don’t remember if it was that exact phrase or not. I might be condensing down a few months of thought processes into that one little saying. Yet it wasn’t until I got that, or rather, it wasn’t until that awareness about the world around came into my belief systems, that I really began a journey back to spirituality and back to a spiritual practice. “It’s all energy.” and “Everything is vibrations.” were the two things that really pulled together into a logical thought process for me all of the beliefs I had been exploring and attempting to wrap a practice into. I was also attempting to wrap my brain around the things I had been learning. Those two things helped everything fall into place for me.

It wasn’t surprising, when I consider it, that it was a logical, practical belief that really supported me in allowing my beliefs to be more open to all of the spiritual aspect of this life. I was a very logical, rational person, and many of the things I had been presented with in the course of my religious upbringing didn’t make logical sense to me. I could not wrap my brain around so many of the things presented. When these two very logical and very rational ideas were given to me, it was like a light bulb turned on. I could safely begin to explore all of the “far out” things I had been presented with because I could fit them into this–very tidy– belief: it’s all energy.

All the energies of “emotions” are different vibration or frequencies. You can be in harmony with those frequencies or in disharmony. In other words, these energies can support you in your life or not support you. When “working” with a different energy, through discussions and energy work, each person can be brought into a harmonious vibration with these energies and then these energies can support someone in moving forward in their life. This is what called Alchemy. Alchemy is defined as a power or process of transforming something common into something special or an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting. Well it is not really inexplicable. It is just happening in the invisible world of energy and vibrations.

It is all energy

In love and light