Being Right

Spirituality and Being Right.

When I was doing a series of personal development seminars that supported me in finding the current path I am walking, there were two addictions that they talked about often. These two addictions were the cause of many challenges, conflicts and lack of success in people’s lives. They are: looking GOOD and being RIGHT. I would like you to consider that for a moment. Think back to a recent conflict in your life and figure out which one (or both) might have been present during that conflict. Being RIGHT plays havoc with my life quite often. Of the two it is the one I have the most challenges with.

The reason I bring them up is not for the reason you think. After going through all of the seminars, many people were very aware of when these two addictions would rear their heads. The question “Are you looking good or being right?” was asked often (or at least this was pointed out is some fashion). One thing that I noticed was, that even after all this work, most people still did not realize that they were addicted to being RIGHT in their spirituality. That is – it wasn’t OK to have that idea be anywhere else in their life, yet it was still OK to have it in your spiritual beliefs. I never understand that belief. It still confuses me now. For someone to go through all that work (and expense) and adapt these new concept in the rest of their and still be unmovable with this area. It was like, because it was their spiritual belief, it was immune to the rest of the ideas and beliefs that had revolutionized your life. Makes no sense to me.

I love spiritual discussions around beliefs. They help me formulate and clarify what I believe. When I am in a discussion of this nature, my goal is to not have the “addicted to being RIGHT” addiction anywhere present. I want to have a completely open mind about what the other person is saying. I want to hear the passion and their beliefs, even if vastly different from mine. I want to know the whys of them. Many times we must agree to disagree and yet I am still glad to hear the beliefs. It will always reveal something new to me, if I am willing to listen.

What about you? Are you addicted to being RIGHT in your spirituality? Are you willing to listen with an open mind and open heart to another person’s belief even if they conflict with your own? Think about how different this world would be if people release the addiction to being RIGHT from their spiritual beliefs systems.

In love and light