What Are the Priorities?

Ever been in one of those places in your life where you say to yourself, “OK. You can stop the ride now because I really want to get off?” So what do you do when you are in that place? For me, it is mostly putting my head down and doing only the next thing, finishing that one thing and doing the next thing, mostly at the last minute (or late. Hmmmmm). However, when I’m in that space I usually feel vastly overwhelmed and like I’m drowning all the time. I know this feeling is really bad when I retreat inside myself and shut out everything. I do mind numbing activities so my brain is not screaming at me all the time. The electricity bill goes up in the house as the “check your brain at the door” movies are watched, computer games are played, and the internet is searched for something to focus on. Not a really elegant solution, and it tends to prolong the feeling.

What I’m beginning to realize is that I get in these spaces from always doing, doing, doing, and not the fun kinds of doing. It’s the “shoulds” and the “musts” and the “obligations” that I do. These create a space for me which is one of constant “work” and no play. Eventually what happens is the little girl child in me gets sick of no play and digs her feet in, kicking and screaming along the way, until she is satisfied that she has had enough play. Believe me, this is not conducive to a balanced and harmonious life! Unfortunately, I tend to realize this after I’m in the midst of the little girl’s tantrum and I am only released when she has had enough fun. That’s my current story. I’m sticking to it. (Hmmmmmm)

It seems everything that I do for fun somehow or another ends up as a job or work. In makes sense in my mind, after all, if I love doing it, shouldn’t I make money doing it so that I can do more of it and have fun at the same time? What happens is that, as soon as I decide that is the case, there is a switch that happens in my head that goes from “FUN” to “OBLIGATION.” When that happens I start dragging my feet and all those things that I used to do that gave me enjoyment and balanced my life are now “chores” and I have just added “work” to my plate and day. As the day fills up with “work,” the little girl starts tapping her feet again waiting for play time. Sigh. I forget what fun these activities were before they become work. So does she.

Like all things, the solution to this challenge is a perspective shift. A change in beliefs about “work” and “play.” It is a movement from “should do” to “choose to do.” For me, it is also a reminder that the time of my days is best filled with priorities. Those things that are a joyful and heart filling. We all have things that we do because they must get done (laundry is always the first things I think of here. It just never ends!) and yet this does not need to be (and should not be) the focus of my daily life. I can choose to fit the “chores” in around the “joys” and not the other way around. I remember when I was beginning to create my daily spiritual practice and I thought, “How am I going to fit this into my life?” The answer was I don’t fit my practice in my life, I fit my life into my practice. Same answer for the challenge. I fit my life into my priorities.

In love and light

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