Why Do We Pray?

This question got asked a lot during the Modern Day Priestess training I attended. In the beginning, I, sort of, had an answer. Kind of. Now, I know, for myself, why I pray. Still to answer the question for yourself, you must first look at what you consider prayer to be. When I looked it up in the dictionary (OK, side note, you may notice I include dictionary definitions a lot. The reason I do so, is it gives us all a common frame of reference. It also gives a great understanding of what our society at large defines something as) it meant: a reverent petition made to God, a god, or another object of worship; an act of communion with God, a god, or another object of worship, such as in devotion, confession, praise, or thanksgiving; a fervent request; the slightest chance or hope. Pretty much what most people think prayer is. It was what I thought it was for the longest time.

I left all traditional religious practices in my late teens. I began the journey back to spirituality when I turned forty. I was looking for something, a daily practice, that didn’t leave me feeling disempowered, shamed and unworthy the way practices of my youth did. I knew that mediation would be a big part of it (and that is another post) and I knew that prayer would be a part of it also. Yet, as I developed this practice and instituted it into my life, the prayer I was saying just left me feeling confused and adrift. You see, I did not believe that God was some force outside of me. I believe that I, and everything else in the universe, was a part of God. So a beseeching or petition prayer didn’t feel right. The gratitude in my prayers felt right and empowering. The rest of it did not. Yet how was I to change things with my prayer if I couldn’t petition or beseech? I was very confused and unsure. That’s when my priestess training came into my awareness and the Oneness Prayer Technology.

The training was in Gore, VA. It is an eight hour drive down there. Four, 5 day weekend trainings over the course of a year. As I was driving down for the first training in October of 2009, I didn’t even know why I was going, only that I was. I was going so I could receive the Oneness Prayer technology. I didn’t know that then. I know this now. That Prayer Technology was a breath of fresh air to me. It was a candle in the darkness. It was a way for me to define my beliefs and to pray in a way that felt empowering, fulfilling and powerful. I knew that one of the things I wanted to do was exposed others to this method of prayer.

So why do you pray? What is it you want to accomplish with your prayers? Why do I pray, you ask? I pray for my own Consciousnesses. What do I want to accomplish with my prayers? I pray to Anchor in Truth. I pray to Acknowledge and Enliven the Oneness that we all are. I pray to Remember in every moment that there is only one thing happening at all times – the Unfolding of the Divine, Living Intelligence in Perfection, of which I am one with. I want to accomplish Truth with my prayers. Very simple, really. Incredibly powerful and amazing.

In love and light

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