Sapped by the “I Don’t Feel Creative” Belief?

You have decided that your creative endeavors are going to become more of a priority in your life. You have gone so far as to schedule time several days a week for those endaevors. You have even mangaged to convince your family, friends, pets, and yourself (most importantly!) that this time is sacred. You have the “Do Not Disturb” sign out and have sat down, tools at hand, ready to begin. You twiddle your thumbs, arrange the tools of your desk, shift in your seat, change the music – basically you do anything but what you sat down to do. Why? You don’t feel very creative at this moment. All your ideas went out the window, even though you know that you had a ton of them to work on. Hell, you were so excited to have so many ideas that you couldn’t wait to start. Now? Zip. Nada. Nothing. So you sigh and get up to leave.

STOP RIGHT THERE. Don’t take one more step. Don’t let this sapper control your actions.

“I don’t feel creative” or the sister sapper “I don’t have any ideas” are just excuses your mind is telling you to keep you doing the same thing you have been doing. Like any new habit you are forming, your mind and body put up a lot of resistance to the change, even if you know the change will support you in your life. Right now you have a thousand things running through your minds that you could be doing and all of them are urgent and all of them are important. Since you can’t think of anything to create right now, why not just come back later. “WHY NOT?” you ask. I’m glad you asked! Because it’s not going to be any better the next time either. All those important things are going to be there now or later. So don’t listen to what your mind is telling you “I don’t feel creative” and just do something, ANYTHING! Doodle on a piece of paper. Type out random sentences. Develop a jingle for yourself. Take out and old piece and try redoing it anew. Do something to let your mind and body know that this is your time and you are going to work despite what it tells you. Make this time your creative time. Create and stick to the habit of it.

Eventually, and it won’t take very long, your mind and body will learn that this is your sacred creative endeavor time, and when you put up the sign and go to your space, it will begin to get excited and the ideas and creativity will flooooooooooooooooooow! Try it. Stick with it for six months. See what happens.

What have you got to lose? A little time. What have you got to gain? Joy, connection, smiles, satisfaction, and a bliss that comes with doing something you love and enjoy.

In love and light



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  1. I like this a great deal, Celina and it sure resonates with me. I will pay attention to what you say and will pass this on. Thanks.

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