Feel Like There’s Not Enough Time?

(The Tao) … arrives without being summoned, accomplishes without a plan.

Verse #73 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu.

I am learning to get into the habit of planning my day and paying attention to a to-do-list. I have found that I have been losing track of things or they fall by the wayside as life picks up speed. I want to take daily actions in transforming my business, my spiritual life, my home, and my beliefs. I want to take committed, focused action. So to support me in that goal I started doing a to-do-list, maintaining meeting notes and writing down things when I think of them. You know what? The whole process is very overwhelming when you haven’t worked like this before. I began this process of integration on the first of the year. There have been some weeks when I completely ignored my lists. However, there have been more weeks of me paying attention to it, even if I did not, exactly, get most of it done. I have been very gentle with myself and reminding myself that this is a process, a new habit I’m developing, it will take some time, and it will take some falling down. That’s OK. I can get up and continue on the next day.

Then I read this verse of the Tao and I think “Crap. I am really making this WAY harder than it is.” All things unfold in the Perfection that is the Tao. The Tao does not struggle to make things happen. A bird doesn’t struggle to fly. A tree doesn’t struggle to grow. A lioness certainly doesn’t create a do-to list when she decides to go hunting. So if all those things happen effortlessly and I am not any less a part of the Tao then they are, why am I struggling so hard? I can tell myself it is because they don’t have goals that they want to accomplish. They are not looking to change and transform there lives. I want to ACCOMPLISH something. I want to CHANGE THE WORLD. So of course it will take planning, struggle, and HARD WORK. Right?

Way wrong answer! I want things to flow easily and effortlessly. I don’t want to struggle, work hard, or be planning. I want to move and flow with the Tao. I want to create and respond to what happens around me and have that move into the exact things I desire. If the Tao provides all those things for a bird, lion, or tree, then why not for me? What’s the catch? The catch is to hold expectancy about what you want to see manifested and not to hold on to the plan. The catch is to be willing to let go of all the to-do lists, plans, and committed actions in a instant when the Tao presents your desires before you. The catch is to be open and willing to SEE those desires when they show up in all their many forms. The catch is to let go and allow the ever flowing creativity of the Tao to support you in every moment. It’s not about not taking actions necessarily, it is about taking actions without attachment. Follow your instincts and just do it. That’s the catch.

Yeah. I’m still working on it.

In love and light