Christmas? When Did That Happen?

I sort of skipped Christmas this year. My husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on December 7th (Thank You!) and did so in Walt Disney World. We were in Florida from the 4th to the 11th. We didn’t have anything done before we left and still didn’t have anything done for the holidays when we got back. No decorations up. No shopping done. No Christmas cards addressed. No holiday plans made. Nada. After getting back from the wonderful time in Florida I really didn’t want to rush around putting up decorations, addressing cards, and fighting crowds at the stores. Well, my husband got the tree up – pre-lit for our convenience – and we decided not to put ornaments on. OK, we did put on two ornaments – the two new ones we got in Florida. No cards went out and I realized that I had more presents stashed away than I thought,so I only had to venture to the store once. We did the holiday visiting thing, delivered our gifts, said “hello” to all the appropriate people and for the most part, I basically checked out of the Holiday Season.

I didn’t realize what I had been doing until I was doing a small ceremony at home for a fellow priestess who’s son had transitioned to Spirit on December 10th. I could not be with her physically as she held her ceremony so I held a ceremony at my home. It was just me, myself, and I and, of course, all those in Spirit. I held the ceremony for her son and my mom. My mom transitioned in February and, until that moment, I honestly did not realize how sad and hurt I was that she was not here. I did not realize that I was not dealing with those emotions. I was stuffing them down and ignoring all that they were saying to me. The ceremony allowed them to the surface and allowed me to face them, acknowledge them and embrace them as part my human experience. My heart cracked open a little wider. I became a little more aware. As a result, one of the aspirations I have set for this year is to be aware of my emotions and feeling.

There are reasons we do ceremonies and rituals. These practices anchor the Invisible World of Spirit into this physical, visible world. It allows the opening and expansion of the Truth that we might ignore in the hustle and bustle of our lives. Ceremonies and Rituals bring into our lives the mysteries and wonders of a World that is always in front of us and that we rarely take a look at. All the major religions of the world have Ceremonies and Rituals. They have Traditions to be honored and Wisdom to be acknowledged. However, these are no replacement for the Wisdom of your own Heart. I would invite you for the upcoming year, a year of changes, to step into your own ceremonies. Create your own path to Spirit. Whisper your own Prayers and Light your own Light. Make it part of your regular Spiritual practice to do rituals and ceremonies of your own design. Play your own part in anchoring the World of Spirit into this physical reality.

In love and light

Guess Who Has All The Answers?

When they no longer trust themselves, they begin to depend on authority.

Verse #72 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

I recently was listening to a music video posted on Facebook by a friend. (Click here to view.) One of the lines jumped out of the song and went right into my heart. When I heard this, my eyes teared up and I knew it was something I have been waiting to hear all my life. “I am the one I’ve been waiting for.” In this world of experts – where everyone is waiting to tell you what to think, what to believe, what to accept as truth, and what to understand, I am the best person to Know what is my path, what is the Truth for me.  I am my own guru. I am my own political expert. I am my own financial expert. I am my own relationship expert. I am the one I have been waiting for.

Think about any time you have asked for advice. Why did you do this? Was it because you didn’t know what to do? Was it because you didn’t want to choose? Was it because you knew what to do and didn’t want to do it? What are the reasons that you seek advice, wisdom, and guidance from other people? This verse of the Tao Te Ching answers that question. It is because you did not trust yourself to come up with the “right” solution. You didn’t believe that you had the knowledge to make the decision. You didn’t think you had enough knowledge, information, expertize, or whatever to make it happen they way you wanted to. So you began to look outside of yourself for your answers. NEWS FLASH – you have all the answers! Yes – I mean you!

During my life coach training, I was taught to hold the belief for the client that they had all their own answers. No one who came to me as a client was broken. No one needed to be fixed. They were whole and complete. They were the Perfection of Spirit incarnated (OK, that little bit came later in Modern Day Priestess training, and it is all the same). My job, my duty, my PRIVILEGE as a coach is to KNOW this for every one of my clients. It is my aspiration for this year to know this for everyone I meet and to do so despite the circumstances, despite the actions, and despite the external appearances. Depend on no one to tell you the Truth. Trust in your connection to the Tao to reveal to you all the you already know.

In love and light