What Are Your Most Powerful Tools? Your Words.

If he pushed forward impulsively, he would fail to see the signs and omens left by God along his path. from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

I really don’t think I need to write about this. Its message is clear and very understandable. Words are one of the most powerful tools we posses in this society. In a time where information of all sorts is readily available, words become the gateway to all different things. We can read about what is happening on the other side of the globe. We can write about books that have not seen print in fifty years. We can discuss the thoughts and ideas of people who have been dead for centuries. Words are indeed a gateway beyond what you can experience with your own physical body. As with any tool, they can be used to support you or not support you.

I think we all realize the impact our words have on other people. I also think many of us are beginning to realize the impact our words have on ourselves. I remember the first time I actually started listening to the words I said to myself in my head. I realized that if a friend talked to me the way I talked to myself, the friendship would not continue. I was not a very good friend to myself. Those spoken in my head were not supporting me.

In her book, Every Word Has Power: Switch on Your Language and Turn on Your Life, Yvonne Oswald talks about how there is vibrational frequency to words. Some words have a low frequency and some words have a high frequency. She discusses how changing how you speak so that you relay the same information and yet are using only higher frequency words will transform your life. You are literally raising or lowering your body’s vibration with your words. These vibrations affect you and those around you. Changing the words you use to talk to others will transform your life. Use your words to support yourself and others.

My training as a coach and my time in the personal development seminars has made me much more aware of the words I use and how I use them. I still relapse. I’m eliminating words like need, try, must, should, and have to from my thought patterns. I still trip up, but they crop up less and less. To me, these words are low vibration and do not support me. They make me feel burdened and put upon. They weigh me down and make me feel heavy. Notice what you say and how you say it. Are you using your words like a knife, to cut into flesh and bone? Or are you using your words like a warm blanket, to cover and warm? Words have power. How are you using your power?

In Love and Light


“I know that.” If You Hear Those Words, Stop Talking.

Presuming to know is a disease. First realize that you are sick, then you can move toward health.

Verse #71 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

“I know that.” I attended a Millionaire Mind Intensive in June, and the facilitator equated those three words to the most dangerous words in the English language. I totally get where he’s coming from with that statement. If someone speaks those words to you, you might as well stop talking. When someone speaks those words to you they have stopped listening to anything you are saying. Their opinion has been formed and cemented into rock. Whatever you may want to say at that point is a waste of time and effort. Just give it up and go home. Otherwise both people are going to end up angry and frustrated.

When you “know” something you stop looking, you stop considering, you stop theorizing, and you stop investigating. When you “know” something every other course of action has been closed off and you only do what you know. Why does the Lao-tzu consider this to be a disease? Actually, what Lao-tzu says is “presuming to know,” which implies that you really don’t know at all. So why is “presuming to know” a disease? It is a dis-ease because “knowing” cuts you off from the ebb and flow of life. You are firmly planted in the river while the river rushes around you. “Knowing” allows for no change, and change is all there is. All life changes, constantly. When you “know,” you cut yourself off from the change. Knowing something makes us solid, unmovable, and unchangeable. You are now cut off from life. You are opposed to it. Dis-ease is opposed to life.

Allow yourself to not know. Question your beliefs. Question your knowns. Remove that phrase “I know that” from your vocabulary. This is realizing that maybe you don’t know what you thought you knew. This is realizing you’re sick. Then you can begin to become part of the ebb and flow of life again. You will become changeable. You will open yourself to new possibilities and see new perspectives. You will flow with life and be opposed to standing firm against it. Unlearn all that you thought was true and begin to ask yourself what might be true. Don’t presume to know anything. If you do know something to be true, allow that tomorrow, that something may no longer be true. Every morning when you wake up, forget all that you presume to know and discover what the day holds for you.


In love and light