Is Your Thinking Failing you?

Yet, your intellect will never grasp them, and if you try and practice them, you’ll fail. 

Verse #70 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu.

Well, that’s a cheery thought. Thanks Lao-tzo.

Actually in the lines before this Lao-tzo stated that his teachings are easy to understand and to put into practice. What I think Lao-tzo is pointing out in this verse is that your intellect will never grasp his teaching. Your intellect will always want to explain, reason, find out why and dismiss that which is not logical. It does not like those things it can’t see and grasp immediately. Much of Lao-tzu’s teachings in the Tao Te Ching seems paradoxical to the logical mind. He teaches that there is no good and evil. They both come from the same source, therefore they are one. He teaches that there is no ending. There is only the return to source. Yet all we see and experience in the physical world seems to tell us differently than what he teaches. Our intellect understand what it experiences. To fully embrace the teaching of the Tao, you must release what your physical experiences say to you and what your intellect tells you the truth is. You must embrace what lies below that which is the Truth of the Oneness we all are. That we are all the Tao.

For me, this verse tells me to stop trying to wrap my brain around it. This verse says to me to feel into what the Truth is. It reminds me that the Way is easy. All I have to do is just be. The Way means to stay in the present moment. It means embracing the Now. It means feeling all that there is to feel and accepting it all as part of what this life is meant to be. The Way means to know that death is not the final stop for us. It is but another step in the return to Source. As long as I focus on the present moment and let the events of my life unfold without stressing or challenge that which occurs then I am beginning to put into practice the teaching of Lao-tzu. It will not be hard. It is our intellect that wants it to be hard and a struggle because if it was easy, then the intellect will have nothing to do. When you don’t have to figure anything out, then the intellect is no longer needed.

Do not worry about practicing these teaching. Do not worry about grasping their meaning. Spend your time just in being. Spend your time in meditation. Spend your time immersed in music, laughter and the sound of the rain. The more you do this the more these teaching will become integrated into your life. You will discover that as you read the Tao the words will feel right and you will not even have to think about it. You will know it. You will to be it.

In Love and Light


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