“I don’t know what to do!” Creativity Sapper.

Well you finally made time for your creative endeavors. You put it in your book, set it aside, and are now honoring that sacred creative time. You’ve set up all your tools, prepared a nice cup of tea and a snack. You’ve turned off the phones and turned up the music. You’ve sat down at the table to write, draw, paint, scrapbook, whatever it is and now…. now you don’t know what to do! You’ve got a great big blank hole in your head where all your ideas used to be. You can’t think of an idea, not one, to act upon. You’ve been looking forward to this for days! Here you are, ready to go, and you stare at the paper and can’t think of anything to create. Usually your head is full of things you want to create and now, when you are ready, you get performance anxiety and just sit and stare at nothing. After many minutes of frustration and annoyance you get up and go do something else more productive, thinking next time you will have some ideas.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don’t let the sapper win! Stay. This is actually one of the easiest sappers to overcome. All it takes is time and persistence.

Creativity is a habit that need reinforcing like any habit. It is a muscle that needs to be exercised. So the more regularly and often you can set aside time, and honor that time, the more your body and mind will learn that “Oh! This is the time we work on our creative endeavors” and will respond accordingly. The key is to stay with it. The more regular and consistent you can make the time of your endeavors, the easier it will be to create the habit of creativity. On the weekends I still wake up at the time my alarm would go off during the week. Usually I roll over and go back to bed. However, my body and mind have the habit of waking up at that time. That is what you want to develop with your creative time also.

There are some very practical and easy things you can do to move through the “blank paper” syndrome.  The best way that I heard was to keep a log of ideas. Carry a notebook around with you and whenever you get a thought, write it down. The smart phones are great for painters and sketchers. See a great ides? Snap a quick picture for later development. When you sit down to work and draw a blank, grab the notebook or look at the pictures to get the ball rolling. Other ideas are to rework an old piece, or practice different techniques. The old tried and true is to get out the crayons and scribble. You know, that’s one of my favorites. Crayons are a great solution to many a creativity sapper. See how many different ways you can combine the same ten words. Do word or image association. Doodle. Whatever you do, make sure you stay at it until your allotted time is up. Ding! Good job.

Now do it again tomorrow, then the day after or next week. Schedule the them, take the time, and sit down and honor the time. This persistent action will create a creativity habit and mindset. Soon, if you miss your scheduled time, your mind will be waking you up to grab your pencil and draw! Yeah!

In love and light


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