Is the Importance of your Creativity being Sapped?

How much do you value your creativity? Do you value you it the way you value a friend? Do you respect it the way you should respect your mother or father? Are you giving time and attention to it? Are you nurturing it, feeding it and loving it the way you would a child or a beloved pet? Are you checking in with it to see how it’s doing the way you check in on your boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you planning your time together like you would plan your vacation or wedding? If you are reading this the answer is probably no. If you don’t believe that your creativity is important or valuable then that attitude is sapping your creative actions.

You make time in your life for the people, things and events that are important to you. You will go out of your way to do those things that are important. You will rearrange your schedule. You will post pone other things. You will get up early or stay up late. You will put it in your book so nothing else will get scheduled at that time. How many of you will actually schedule time for your creative endeavors? How many people put it on the top of the to do list and get it done first? Probably not a whole hell of a lot. If it does go on the list it will go on the bottom, after the dusting and cleaning the toilet. Is it any wonder that the creative actions are getting sapped! Who wants to be creative after cleaning a toilet?

The first thing to do in overcoming this sapper is to look at how important your creativity is to you? Does it make your top ten? Does it make your top five? If it really isn’t that important to you then whenever you get something creative done is fine. However, since you are reading this, I will assume that it is up at the top of your list, somewhere in the top ten. Look at where it does fall in your priorities, really be honest here. If it is important to you, then treat it as such! Schedule time in your book and take that time. Even if all you do is 15 minutes of scribbling with crayons or writing the worst poetry ever. Find the time and honor that commitment. In the beginning, the amount doesn’t matter. What matters is that that time is important and you treat it as such. Another way to overcome this sapper is to find a perspective for your creative endeavors that makes them a priority in your mind. You can think of this time as a job that you can’t be late too or absent from. You can think of it as friend, lover or family member that you would never disappoint by canceling on. You can look at this time as a vital job interview or a presentation. Change the way you think about this creative time so that it becomes important. You would never, ever, miss out on something that important to you! Ever!

In love and light


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