What Does Evil mean?

Underestimating your enemy means thinking he is evil.

Verse #69 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu.

The Tao Te Ching speaks about how there is no good or evil. It speaks about how all things come from the Tao. It speaks about how all things are of the Tao and how all things will return to the Tao. The Tao being the source of all life in the universe. The Tao is the source of everything that our minds can conceive of. This means that those things that we label “good” and “evil” come from the same source  and are really the same thing. That is why there is no “good” or “evil.” This is a perception we have given events from a human point of view. The labeling of things creates a separation between them. Labeling things as this or that implies that there is a difference between them which is not the Truth of what they are. They are Tao.

When a person labels someone as their enemy, they have created a separation between themselves and the one they have labeled as enemy.  When a person labels their enemy as “evil” they are even further creating a separation. Something that is “evil” is so separate from us that it has become less than human and less than a person. It has become less than what we are. Labeling something as “evil” separates it from the Tao. It is then OK to destroy that “thing” because it is less than us. There is a division created.

When you underestimate something, you decrease the value of it or place too low a value of it. When you label your enemy, or anything for that matter, as evil, you have undervalued what the Truth of that person is. They are the Tao and they are not separate from you. They have as much value as you do, no more or less. They are exactly as you are  – exactly. We are one in the Tao. Anything labeled as “evil” is also of the Tao. That is the Truth of that thing. It are a part of you, as everything that is of the Tao is a part of you. When you underestimate an enemy, you think of them as separate and apart from you. This is not the Truth of the Tao.
In love and Light



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