What do Sandwiches and Abundance Have in Common?

I was eating the other half of my sandwich for lunch. Now this sandwich started its life as a lunch meal the day before. The sandwich then spent some time in my bag before I was able to get it refrigerated. Then it became lunch on the next day. The lettuce was a little wilted, and as I ate the sandwich I would remove some (most) of the lettuce. The sandwich still tasted OK. As I sat there eating, I was wondering why I just didn’t throw it out and get another sandwich? The answer – I didn’t want to waste food. I’ll waste time and money. I have done so abundantly in the past, yet I wouldn’t waste food. I hate throwing out food. Every time I do I get the sick feeling inside of me and think, “What a waste. There are people starving in the world and I’m throwing food down the garbage.” Talk about programing and belief systems! Whose voice do you think that was? Probably not mine. So I sat there eating a questionable sandwich and thought about abundance, scarcity, and my mindset.

What does it mean to have an abundant mindset? I’ve been challenged by this question in the past. When I was setting up my budget I questioned whether having a budget was living in an Abundant mindset. I came to the conclusion that it was. Now, many years and perspective shifts later I’m still not quite sure what the answer is. As you all know, awareness is the first step and the second is questioning what you believe and whether it supports you or doesn’t. So if I were to look at my beliefs around food and whether they supported me in an abundant mindset, what would I say? Well I know they are not my beliefs. They are beliefs that were programmed into me as I grew up. They are from my parents who would tell me to finish the food on my plate because someone was starving. They come from the TV shows and commercials I watched growing up. They are from my teachers and religious leaders who were asking for donations for those less fortunate than I was. When I look at this belief it is not coming from a place on abundance. It comes from a place of scarcity and lack and from a place of “there is not enough to go around.” That is not abundance.

I am blessed. I have always had more than enough food in my life. I have had enough money to buy what I want when I want it. I have a food budget and I have gone outside of that budget on occasion. I know that if I threw a sandwich away I would be able to afford another tomorrow. I have never starved because there was not enough money to feed me. That is abundance. If I choose to eat a questionable sandwich, I will do so not from a place of scarcity, but a place of abundance. I know I can afford another and I eat it to honor those that may not be able to and I will donate to those organization that support those that do not have the choice about what to eat and when. When those voices come and speak to me about those starving when I am throwing out food, I will remember that they have the best intentions and that I am truly blessed to have a choice. I will give Thanks for the blessings in my life, be more aware and conscious about them, and partake of those blessing before they expire!  The actions will look the same. What is different is my perspective on those actions. I will shift into a perspective that supports my abundance.


In love and light



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