“… but there was no need to be concerned about dying – the Soul of the World awaited him, and he would soon be a part of it.” from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

When I was a kid, it never occurred to me that I would be as old as I am now. I wonder how many kids really believe that they will ever be as old as their parents or believe will really ever get old? You just don’t think about it much when you are a little kid. It begins to creep into your consciousness when you get to be a teenager. Even then, I just thought that the world would blow itself up and I would never have to worry about retirement. Getting old seemed like such a foreign idea. So here I am now. I am older, older than I ever believed I would be as a kid, and learning what it is like to lose the generation that raised me. Parents, aunts, and uncles have all passed into the realm of Spirit. Their physical presence is no longer a part of my life. Soon, this too will begin with those that I consider to be my generation, my contemporaries. Those who are around the same age as I am will also begin this transition. Some already have. As I have gotten older, I began to think about death and what it meant to me.

Even when I was young, I never feared death. I had some fear of dying a painful death, yet not of actual death itself. I just knew, even as a young child, that it was not the end. I never really defined it, however. I had been given definitions by the various religions I had participated in, yet for myself, I never really defined it. At least it wasn’t defined until the last few years. It wasn’t until my mom made her transition into the realm of pure Spirit that I really knew that I really believed in my definition of death and that it supported me and comforted me in those times when I felt the loss of my mom’s physical presence in my life. It was amazing to me to discover the depth and breadth of my Faith and to know its Truth.

What do you believe about death? What do you think happens after that last bit of energy is removed from the body? Does this belief support you in living your life to the fullest? Many people are so afraid of death that they will not think about it or talk about it. Death is shut away into the closet of the mind and ignored. It is refused and denied and shuffled off into nursing homes and hospitals. This refusal does not serve anyone. By shutting away the fear of death, this fear of death grows and can be overwhelming to a person. Do not wait until death comes upon you to look into its face. Explore your beliefs now and if you find that they are not supporting you, consider shifting into a perspective that does. We cannot run away from death or the fact of death. In the end death is something that we will all come face to face with.


In Love and Light


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