Gosh, It’s Hot.

Its hot. It’s like really hot. I was never too fond of heat. I would much rather be cold than hot. I can always put on more blanket or clothes or something. I can only strip down so far. I really don’t like heat. I’m working on this rambling in the bedroom because that’s where THE air conditioner is. When I finally turn on the air conditioner to combat the heat, I turn it on super high (I mean cold) because if it’s going to be on I want it cold. Jim doesn’t have much say in the matter. He’s a furnace anyway, and generates his own heat source. I’m trying to come up with some profound things to say about the heat. I got nothing. It’s just hot.

So I am in the bedroom and there is a picture by my bed. It is one of my paintings and in the middles it says, “Be Thankful.” I am so thankful for this heat. So very thankful. Thank you, Goddess, for the heat. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Why? Well, I don’t need a reason to be thankful. I just am, but here it goes. I am so thankful for the heat because it reminds me of how much I love fall and winter. It brings to mind peaceful fall days walking in the leaves and smelling the earth. I recall winter snow storms where the snow is falling all around and melting on my face where it lands. I can see the peace and cleanliness of the winter landscape all around me. I am grateful for the heat because it reminds me to take it easy and not overdo things. I am grateful for the heat because it means the sun is shining and it still coming up everyday. I am grateful for the heat because it means it summer, and people are going places, doing things, and having lots of parties. It is a fun time. I am so grateful for the heat because nobody thinks twice about eating more ice cream.

That’s it. That’s all I got. Man its hot.


In love and light


Why is Courage Essential?

“Courage is the quality most essential to understanding the Language of the World” from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Why is that? Why is courage essential to understanding the Language of the World? What makes courage so important to that understanding? I mean of all the qualities I could think of that would be important to understanding the Language of the World – love, compassion, peace, acceptance, balance, openness, willingness, etc. – courage would not have been in the top ten. It probably would have made the list at some point and it would not have been near the top. However, once I read that and thought about it for a little bit, I understand why courage would be essential

For one thing, The Language of the World is not taught in school. Well not at least in any school I was made to attend. There are some forms of it being taught at some schools I have chosen to attend. However, for the most part, The Language of the World in not on any curriculum that most people have been exposed to. That means if you want to learn and understand it, you must seek it out. You must go where you haven’t been, think as you haven’t thought before, and, sometimes, even admit you may have gotten it wrong. Most of us don’t want to move that far outside of those things we know. So that will require courage. Courage to move beyond all that you have known and embrace that which you do not.

Another things about the Language of the World is that is does not settle for anything less that your best. If you seek it and seek to understand it, It will ask you to challenge yourself – challenge your thoughts, your beliefs, and your methods. Once you say “Yes” to It, It will constantly tap on your shoulder of attention. It will let you know in sometimes not so subtle ways where it wants you to be. Once The Language of the World speaks to you it doesn’t shut up. It takes courage to fully commit to that path of understanding and learning because there is no room for those who are not fully committed. The Language of the World cannot be unknown once you experience it. You can try and forget it or not think about it. You can try and ignore it. However, once open to It, It will always remind you it’s there and that It has not forgotten you. Yep! Courage is definitely a key quality when you wish to understand The Language of the World.


In Love and Light


What Does Evil mean?

Underestimating your enemy means thinking he is evil.

Verse #69 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu.

The Tao Te Ching speaks about how there is no good or evil. It speaks about how all things come from the Tao. It speaks about how all things are of the Tao and how all things will return to the Tao. The Tao being the source of all life in the universe. The Tao is the source of everything that our minds can conceive of. This means that those things that we label “good” and “evil” come from the same source  and are really the same thing. That is why there is no “good” or “evil.” This is a perception we have given events from a human point of view. The labeling of things creates a separation between them. Labeling things as this or that implies that there is a difference between them which is not the Truth of what they are. They are Tao.

When a person labels someone as their enemy, they have created a separation between themselves and the one they have labeled as enemy.  When a person labels their enemy as “evil” they are even further creating a separation. Something that is “evil” is so separate from us that it has become less than human and less than a person. It has become less than what we are. Labeling something as “evil” separates it from the Tao. It is then OK to destroy that “thing” because it is less than us. There is a division created.

When you underestimate something, you decrease the value of it or place too low a value of it. When you label your enemy, or anything for that matter, as evil, you have undervalued what the Truth of that person is. They are the Tao and they are not separate from you. They have as much value as you do, no more or less. They are exactly as you are  – exactly. We are one in the Tao. Anything labeled as “evil” is also of the Tao. That is the Truth of that thing. It are a part of you, as everything that is of the Tao is a part of you. When you underestimate an enemy, you think of them as separate and apart from you. This is not the Truth of the Tao.
In love and Light


What do Sandwiches and Abundance Have in Common?

I was eating the other half of my sandwich for lunch. Now this sandwich started its life as a lunch meal the day before. The sandwich then spent some time in my bag before I was able to get it refrigerated. Then it became lunch on the next day. The lettuce was a little wilted, and as I ate the sandwich I would remove some (most) of the lettuce. The sandwich still tasted OK. As I sat there eating, I was wondering why I just didn’t throw it out and get another sandwich? The answer – I didn’t want to waste food. I’ll waste time and money. I have done so abundantly in the past, yet I wouldn’t waste food. I hate throwing out food. Every time I do I get the sick feeling inside of me and think, “What a waste. There are people starving in the world and I’m throwing food down the garbage.” Talk about programing and belief systems! Whose voice do you think that was? Probably not mine. So I sat there eating a questionable sandwich and thought about abundance, scarcity, and my mindset.

What does it mean to have an abundant mindset? I’ve been challenged by this question in the past. When I was setting up my budget I questioned whether having a budget was living in an Abundant mindset. I came to the conclusion that it was. Now, many years and perspective shifts later I’m still not quite sure what the answer is. As you all know, awareness is the first step and the second is questioning what you believe and whether it supports you or doesn’t. So if I were to look at my beliefs around food and whether they supported me in an abundant mindset, what would I say? Well I know they are not my beliefs. They are beliefs that were programmed into me as I grew up. They are from my parents who would tell me to finish the food on my plate because someone was starving. They come from the TV shows and commercials I watched growing up. They are from my teachers and religious leaders who were asking for donations for those less fortunate than I was. When I look at this belief it is not coming from a place on abundance. It comes from a place of scarcity and lack and from a place of “there is not enough to go around.” That is not abundance.

I am blessed. I have always had more than enough food in my life. I have had enough money to buy what I want when I want it. I have a food budget and I have gone outside of that budget on occasion. I know that if I threw a sandwich away I would be able to afford another tomorrow. I have never starved because there was not enough money to feed me. That is abundance. If I choose to eat a questionable sandwich, I will do so not from a place of scarcity, but a place of abundance. I know I can afford another and I eat it to honor those that may not be able to and I will donate to those organization that support those that do not have the choice about what to eat and when. When those voices come and speak to me about those starving when I am throwing out food, I will remember that they have the best intentions and that I am truly blessed to have a choice. I will give Thanks for the blessings in my life, be more aware and conscious about them, and partake of those blessing before they expire!  The actions will look the same. What is different is my perspective on those actions. I will shift into a perspective that supports my abundance.


In love and light




“… but there was no need to be concerned about dying – the Soul of the World awaited him, and he would soon be a part of it.” from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

When I was a kid, it never occurred to me that I would be as old as I am now. I wonder how many kids really believe that they will ever be as old as their parents or believe will really ever get old? You just don’t think about it much when you are a little kid. It begins to creep into your consciousness when you get to be a teenager. Even then, I just thought that the world would blow itself up and I would never have to worry about retirement. Getting old seemed like such a foreign idea. So here I am now. I am older, older than I ever believed I would be as a kid, and learning what it is like to lose the generation that raised me. Parents, aunts, and uncles have all passed into the realm of Spirit. Their physical presence is no longer a part of my life. Soon, this too will begin with those that I consider to be my generation, my contemporaries. Those who are around the same age as I am will also begin this transition. Some already have. As I have gotten older, I began to think about death and what it meant to me.

Even when I was young, I never feared death. I had some fear of dying a painful death, yet not of actual death itself. I just knew, even as a young child, that it was not the end. I never really defined it, however. I had been given definitions by the various religions I had participated in, yet for myself, I never really defined it. At least it wasn’t defined until the last few years. It wasn’t until my mom made her transition into the realm of pure Spirit that I really knew that I really believed in my definition of death and that it supported me and comforted me in those times when I felt the loss of my mom’s physical presence in my life. It was amazing to me to discover the depth and breadth of my Faith and to know its Truth.

What do you believe about death? What do you think happens after that last bit of energy is removed from the body? Does this belief support you in living your life to the fullest? Many people are so afraid of death that they will not think about it or talk about it. Death is shut away into the closet of the mind and ignored. It is refused and denied and shuffled off into nursing homes and hospitals. This refusal does not serve anyone. By shutting away the fear of death, this fear of death grows and can be overwhelming to a person. Do not wait until death comes upon you to look into its face. Explore your beliefs now and if you find that they are not supporting you, consider shifting into a perspective that does. We cannot run away from death or the fact of death. In the end death is something that we will all come face to face with.


In Love and Light


What Does It Mean to Compete?

Not that they don’t love to compete, but they do it in the spirit of play.

Verse #68 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu.

Have you ever played a game with someone and they are only concerned with winning? Have you ever played with someone who will do everything and anything to win? How about those people who gloat and gloat about their wins afterward? Do you know anyone like that? It doesn’t make playing a game very much fun does it? Unless of course you win and then rub their faces in it. Right? It is really satisfying when you pull a win from this type of person at the last minute, then you really rub it in their faces. Give them a taste of their own medicine. Of course we are all too nice of people to ever have done that! In the end, none of these things make a game enjoyable to play – for you or the other players. Is that what it means to compete – to only play so you can win and someone else lose? The word compete is defined as: to strive to outdo another foracknowledgment, a prize, supremacy, or profit; engage in a contest.I guess winning is outdoing all the others in the game and yet it doesn’t have to what is it all about.

The Tao speaks about completing in the spirit of play. If you are engaged in a game, especially the game of life, and all you are doing is thinking, planning, and scheming about how to win, and of how everyone else can lose, are you really doing it in the spirit of play? Play implies enjoyment for all involved. You might a thrill and a rush for your experience, and yet those around you probably are not having that same reaction. You can compete and go for the win and still have those around you enjoy the game. Enjoyment of the game is essential to have others play with you. After all, if it is always about crushing your opponent and everyone else, then soon no one else will play with you. You might enjoy that. However most people at the end of the game, at the end of their lives, are considered with the people in their life and not the wins in there life. If you are only surrounded by your wins then things can get pretty lonely. Go ahead and compete, and do so from the place of play. Have a good time and make sure others are also. The game is no fun if you are playing alone.


In Love and Light