How is Living Different From Living?

“Every day was there to be lived or to mark one’s departure from this world.” from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


What does it mean “every day was there to be lived”? What does it mean to live? This is an interesting question. Technically if you are breathing and have a pulse you are living. However, there is so much more to living than having a pulse and breathing. Another thing  is having active brain functions. I would say having active brain functions is part of living also. These things help define a medical definition of living. Still there is more to living than breathing, having a pulse and active brain functions. Those are just the physical manifestations of living. What else is required to be living?

How about feeling and emotions? To be Living (I will use the capital “L” to distinguish this from just the physical living) we should feel the world around us. We should have an emotional response to that world. We have emotions and feelings. They are a part of us that makes us human. So, if we are going to Live this day, we need to embrace all that makes us aware of that Living. That means our emotions and feelings. So any time you have checked out emotionally, you have stopped Living and are now existing.

Is that all to Living? Being physically alive and having emotions and feelings? Is that all? I would argue that to be Living in this world, and not just existing, you must be engaged in the world. You must interact with it. I would go so far as to say, you must have an influence on it and to be truly Living, have a positive influence at that. That impact does not have to be huge, it only has to happen. So, I define Living as feeling the world and interacting with it in some positive manner. So now the question is: “Are you Living in the world or just existing?” I know for me I go in and out of that definition and yet overall, I believe I Live in this world. Someday will mark my departure from this world and, until then, I will Live each day. How about you?


In Love and Light


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