Gratitude Creates Energy

A tornado touched down in my town last week and then moved through the cities and towns I had known since growing up. It wreaked it’s path of destruction through the neighborhoods that I knew, and neighborhoods that friends knew, and that friends lived in. It destroyed buildings, crushed cars, uprooted trees, and claimed lives. Our area was lucky, for all the tornado voracity, there was very little loss of life. Three people lost their lives in the storm. One mother died as she protected her daughter in the bathtub of their home. A tornado. In New England. The last one was around 50 years ago.

When a friend called later to see if we were alright, she asked what we did when we heard the sirens. There were no sirens. We don’t do sirens. Even if they went off, I don’t think anyone would know what to do or what they meant. Last time I heard the sirens go off  was when I was a kid and they would test the sirens every other Friday in case of a nuclear attack. If they had gone off and I was able to register what they were, that probably would have been my first thought – a nuclear attack. A tornado warning would not occur to me. That the sirens were a tornado warning wouldn’t occur to most people in my area.

It was a surreal occurrence and still seems very unreal to me. Tornadoes are just something I never worried about. Just like I never really worried about earthquakes or hurricanes. They are just not something that happens in my area very often. The impact on my life was minimal, minor annoyances with power and phone. For others, their lives are completely different. For some people, their lives are changed forever. Yet another reminder to me how quickly your world can change. Instantly. In a minute.

There is still so much I take for granted. I take it for granted that I will get up tomorrow, that there will be sunshine and moonlight, that the world will continue pretty much as it always has. I take that for granted. Yet I know that the world is constantly changing. It is different from moment to moment. I know this and am still surprised when a tornado touches down in West Springfield, MA. I know that everything is shifting and changing and I still take so much for granted. When you think about tomorrow, what are you taking for granted? Well, one thing is that there will be a tomorrow.

I am in gratitude for so many things in my life. I’m very grateful that my home was untouched, that my friends and family were OK, and that the cost of life was so low. Being in gratitude is so much more energizing to me than taking things for granted. It creates miracles and wonder where before there was the mundane and normal. When you look with eyes of gratitude you see the truly amazing world we live in with its incredible gifts and beauties. When you look with gratitude you look with eyes that see things that were not there seen before. They were not there because they were normal, mundane and were taken for granted. Gratitude can not stop the world from changing. What it can do is gift you the memory and appreciation as the world does change.


In love and light


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