Bit By Bit All is Accomplished

accomplish the great tasks by a series of small acts

Verse #63 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu


A little bit of water moving over a rock is such a small thing. Yet given time this little thing will wear down mountains and carve out grand canons. Bit by bit and a little at a time this is accomplished. The Tao Te Ching also speaks of this process and tells us to accomplish small acts to finish the great accomplishments. It tells us to do your tasks when they are still small. It do them before they grow and get out of hand. Take action before what you want to do becomes this great big, huge, overwhelming thing for you to do. This is really, really, really great advice. For no great accomplishments was ever accomplished all at once. These accomplishments are done over time with each task being done in the present moment, one second at a time, one moment at a time. That is the truth of all accomplishments.

Have you ever put something off and put it off and put it off until it becomes this great big thing? Then, when you went and finally, finally, finally did the task, it really wasn’t that hard and took you no time at all. What had made it so big was the energy we put into resisting doing the task. The more we put it off the more energy gets stuck around that task. It grows and grows and grows. The hugeness of the task rarely has much to do with the task itself. It has to do with the resistance we have to doing the task Maybe we resist the time it will take. Maybe we resist who we have to call, or talk to or work with. Maybe we resist where we have to go or mental activity it will take. Whatever it is we resists, creates the block that damns up our energy and makes us feel overwhelmed, downtrodden and pressed upon.

Why do we put things off? The answers for that are as varied as people are varied. However, looking at your own reasons why and figuring out what benefits you perceive you are getting from not doing something may help you figure it out. There is always some reasons we tell our self for not doing something. Listening to those reasons will support you in moving past them. Did you forget? Does that happen to you often? There are structures to put into place to support you in remembering. However, be aware that your forgetting is also a form of resistance, so take a look at what you may not be paying attention to underneath the surface of your thoughts. I find that writing all the stuff downs supports me in releasing some of that blocked energy as well as support me in remembering what I desire to do. Take it a step further and put a due date down when you write it down. After all that break everything down into small tasks. After all it is a series of small acts that will accomplish the great tasks!


In Love and Light


“I Can’t Start Something New.” – Creativity Sapper!

Every time I go to begin a new project, I get this kind of sinking feeling in my stomach. Then I think, “I’ve got so many things already started.” After this thought, I begin to justify not starting anything new until I finish all those old  projects or throw them out. Since I really don’t want to finish ALL those old projects (because, really, there was a reason I stopped them in the first place) I just give up and go watch TV (or play computer games). Does this sound familiar to anyone? Anyone? Anyone else have lots of started projects building up somewhere in their home? I’m not an advocate of always starting things and not completing them (or throwing them out). However be aware if telling yourself this is just an excuse that a creativity sapper is telling to you to stop all creative endeavors.

Half-finished projects aside, if you find yourself not executing a new idea because you haven’t finished all the old ones, take a look at what’s going on under the surface. Check in with yourself. If you have been acting on your ideas all along, it might really be the “Lots of Ideas” sapper showing it colors. However, if you haven’t been acting on your creative ideas because of all that old stuff, you are definitely in the midst of our current sapper (you might also have a little of the “Lots of Ideas” one going on too, so check into that post). All those undeveloped-upon ideas build up inside and sap energy and desire. You feel like “What’s the point?” because you’ll never finish it anyway. You don’t start it because it will just sit on a shelf. You just let it go because it is too much effort to dig out of all that stuff (energetically and physically). It would be so much better to finish what you started and then begin some thing new. That statement is of course very true. However, if you haven’t been acting upon the creative impulse at all, then it is so much better to begin something then do nothing!!!! Recognize that statement for what it is in this case. It is a sapper!

The best way to move through this sapper is to do something new. As with most sappers, execution on an idea is the best remedy. That and the awareness of what is going on inside of you. Another way to work through this sapper is to get rid of the old stuff. Commit to taking a day or two and go through all that stuff. Throw it all out! If you can’t do that (I can’t) then put it away with the understanding that it is “on hold.” Make a commitment to take it out in, say, six months and begin on it like it was a new project. One of my greatest works, currently, was put away for six months and revived after that time period. Allowing yourself permission to begin something new, even with all those old project hanging around, will really put this sapper on the run. Give yourself permission to start two or three new projects so you can get into the exciting, juicy energy of beginning something new. Then use that energy to follow through on those new things. Oh, that will really kick this sapper in the teeth and send it packing. Finishing a project is the best surest way to say “Goodbye” to this sapper. Go finish something today and say so long to the “I can’t start something new” creativity sapper.

In love and light