Why, Oh Why, Am I Writing About Charlie Sheen?

What is it about Charlie Sheen? I did a google search on him and here is what I got: he was missing his kid’s birthday, had hired some Israeli bodyguards, and his tour sold out in 18 minutes. On my 10 minute ride to work I heard his name mentioned in the news at least twice. His exploits are everywhere and every news agency seems to want to mention him in some unflattering light. So why? Why do we care so much about what he is doing and when he his doing it? I know he has a popular TV show but there are many other actors and TV shows that are just as popular. Is it his arrogance? Is it because he does things that so many people don’t approve of? Is it because he lives his life in a big way and shines so brightly?

I may not approve of his lifestyle. I may not like how he pursues his materialistic pleasure with his dogged determination. I may think that he could put his time and money to better uses. I also know that what we see in the media is probably not the truth of the man. The media loves the bad boy. The media also loves to put people in the spotlight so they can show you all the flaws and faults of someone. The media likes to stand in judgment and say “We are so much better than this person because of …”, and Charlie Sheen certainly has his flaws. Don’t we all?

He also lives his life to the fullest extent and without excuses to anyone. He does what he wants when he wants to. When people shine so brightly and live their lives with such… passion, we tend to want them to be more flawed. We want them to be less bright. We want them to be ordinary again. Why? Because their brightness scares us. It reminds us that we are not fully shining our light. It reminds us that we may not be living with passion. It reminds us we may be allowing others to dictate our actions and goals instead of following what we want. I may not like what Charlie Sheen is doing in his life but I love that he is living his life in passion and without remorse.

So the next time you hear a media story about Charlie Sheen’s escapades and exploits, remember that he is shining and living his life without other people’s ‘should’s and ‘should nots’ deciding his actions. Remember, as the media points out his flaws, faults, and all the “ridiculous” things he says, that he does all that he does fully knowing that everything will be plastered all over the news, in every tabloid, and completely dissected and analyzed by many, many people. Yet he still does it and enjoys that he does it, without self-doubt or self judgment. We could all use a little more of those qualities in our lives. We could stand to burn a little brighter and live with more passion. We could all take a page out of Charlie Sheen’s book and live our lives without remorse and without excuses.


In love and light


  1. No question that we feel “safer” around people who aren’t showing us up with their brightness! The bandwagon of public (critical) opinion also gives us the opportunity to consider what part of it appeals to us most because we so often we judge other for the same reasons we judge ourselves…

  2. Hi there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects? Many thanks!

    • I began by listening to http://www.hayhouseradio.com and find new ideas and perspectives from those shows. Blue Aventurine is a forum site. I would recommend signing up for the Chopra Center’s newsletter. Many of the authors from Hay House have their own websites and some of those have forums. Cheryl Richardson’s ideas were the inspiration for this article. Enjoy your explorations and expansion! I would love to hear more as you journey.

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