Science and Religion – Just Two Methods to Achieve the Same Things

So today I was thinking about science and religion. They always seem to be dramatically opposed to one another. At least that is what you always see going on in the media and entertainment industries. I don’t believe they are dramatically opposed like we are given the impression of. At least not at this time. In the historical past, I feel they were most definitely opposed. Personally, I believe that they go hand in hand and as we delve more deeply and gain greater understanding of the universe, science will “prove” that. I guess you know what camp I fall into! LOL. However, what I was thinking about today was how they both do the same thing. These two seemingly opposed disciplines both attempt to explain the world around us. They both use their own language to try to understand what is happening in the physical. Religions use faith and doctrines, and science uses mathematical formulas and experiments. Both are using their own language to explain what is perceived around them. Both bring their own interpretations and perceptions to the explanation.

The ancient Greeks used their tales of the Gods and Goddesses to explain how the world was formed and why certain things occurred. They looked around, saw what was happening, and used these myths to explain those occurrences. Many other ancient cultures did the same. Many indigenous peoples have a more nature based belief system. Yet, they were still doing the same. They were using their belief in  “evil spirits” or stolen souls to explain illnesses and behaviors. Looking around them, they were perceiving how the world is apparently operating and using those perceptions to create their spiritual practice. I know in my own life when a situation occurs that I might consider unwanted, I will begin to look at why this situation is in my life. The answers I perceive give my life a direction. I may use that situation to reflect on what is happening in my emotions or as an opportunity to change a perception and belief.

If I used a more scientific practice, I may look back to find the cause that created the effect I am feeling now and work to make sure that cause does not occur again. I am still doing the same thing. I am using my own language and perception to interpret the events in my life and I am using that perception to change how I move forward. Both these methods are just two different ways of getting to the same end, a change in my life. My interpretation of this is that the scientific method is more one of observation and the religious is more one of emotion. The challenge that occurs is when what appears to be two dynamically opposed viewpoints come together and neither one will allow the other the use of their own language. It is the old “my way or the highway” thinking. If both are allowed to coexist in peace, we, the human race, would be much stronger and wiser for it. We are not weakened by these different languages and perceptions, we are strengthened by them. Remember that, the next time you are in the midst of an argument and you perceive the other person as dead wrong. They probably perceive the same about you. What can you do to support you both in speaking the same language?

In love and light

Why, Oh Why, Am I Writing About Charlie Sheen?

What is it about Charlie Sheen? I did a google search on him and here is what I got: he was missing his kid’s birthday, had hired some Israeli bodyguards, and his tour sold out in 18 minutes. On my 10 minute ride to work I heard his name mentioned in the news at least twice. His exploits are everywhere and every news agency seems to want to mention him in some unflattering light. So why? Why do we care so much about what he is doing and when he his doing it? I know he has a popular TV show but there are many other actors and TV shows that are just as popular. Is it his arrogance? Is it because he does things that so many people don’t approve of? Is it because he lives his life in a big way and shines so brightly?

I may not approve of his lifestyle. I may not like how he pursues his materialistic pleasure with his dogged determination. I may think that he could put his time and money to better uses. I also know that what we see in the media is probably not the truth of the man. The media loves the bad boy. The media also loves to put people in the spotlight so they can show you all the flaws and faults of someone. The media likes to stand in judgment and say “We are so much better than this person because of …”, and Charlie Sheen certainly has his flaws. Don’t we all?

He also lives his life to the fullest extent and without excuses to anyone. He does what he wants when he wants to. When people shine so brightly and live their lives with such… passion, we tend to want them to be more flawed. We want them to be less bright. We want them to be ordinary again. Why? Because their brightness scares us. It reminds us that we are not fully shining our light. It reminds us that we may not be living with passion. It reminds us we may be allowing others to dictate our actions and goals instead of following what we want. I may not like what Charlie Sheen is doing in his life but I love that he is living his life in passion and without remorse.

So the next time you hear a media story about Charlie Sheen’s escapades and exploits, remember that he is shining and living his life without other people’s ‘should’s and ‘should nots’ deciding his actions. Remember, as the media points out his flaws, faults, and all the “ridiculous” things he says, that he does all that he does fully knowing that everything will be plastered all over the news, in every tabloid, and completely dissected and analyzed by many, many people. Yet he still does it and enjoys that he does it, without self-doubt or self judgment. We could all use a little more of those qualities in our lives. We could stand to burn a little brighter and live with more passion. We could all take a page out of Charlie Sheen’s book and live our lives without remorse and without excuses.


In love and light

Is Your Creativity Overwhelmed?

Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you always running around trying to get a thousand things done in the time span of an hour? Do all the things you have to do weigh you down and suck your energy? Do you feel like you are cramming 48 hours worth of stuff into 18 hours of a day? Yup! You are overwhelmed and living in that energy. Been there, done that, and still go there for coffee and donuts on occasion. The lifestyle most of us here in the States live is one of doing, doing, doing. We learn that to be productive we must always be in action and moving and shaking.


I read an article once about very successful CEO of a business and they all would schedule “down time” into their schedule. This was a space where they take time and explore other possibilities, brainstorm, and get creative. Being in constant action does not make you productive. The right actions, combined with inspiration, intuition, and focus are what is going to make you productive. You have the benefit of having time for creativity and being less stressed.

Overwhelmed is definitely a sapper many people (including me) are familiar with. Creativity needs time and space. Inspiration rarely comes when your mind and your day are filled with things that “must” be done. Creativity is often shy and loves those quiet moments. It likes when your body is engaged in its “mundane” tasks like dishes and laundry. This gives the mind a chance to soar and connect with the infinite. It is there that creative ideas are born.

To move through this sapper takes some focus and attention. You should really take a look at what you are doing in your day and see if the actions you are doing are supporting you in getting what you want. If your day is filled with things that do support you, then try to schedule in your day a couple of times a week some creativity time. Actually put it in your schedule. Treat it with the same respect you would any important appointment. Begin to shift your mindset around this time. Don’t think of your creativity as something you do when you have time. Think of your time as something you will spend on your creativity. Think of this time as the most important business meeting you will ever go to. It is that which will bring you everything you want from life. Think of it that way because being inspired and creative will bring you everything you want. Don’t doubt it for a second.

In love and light