Are You Seeing the Omens and Signs Left By God?

If he pushed forward impulsively, he would fail to see the signs and omens left by God along his path. from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Patience. How often have we been told that patience is a virtue? How often have you thought “But I want it NOW!!!!!!”? I know I have thought that a lot. I know when I start something new that I want it done, or learned, or mastered right away. I don’t want to wait patiently. I don’t want to practice for years. I don’t want to have to go through all the tedious reading and figuring out. I just want it done. Now, if you please. These are the times I forget that it’s about the journey and not about getting there. For the most part, when I begin something and I think of all those long hours that it will take to finish it I get blogged down by the time it will take. I never really consider that I might miss something if I rushed through it.

Our world is so fast paced now. Everyone wants everything done yesterday. At work our customer keep asking for faster turn around times and cheaper costs. Quicker, cheaper, and “good enough.” With all this running around and “getting things done” what signs have we missed? What omens are we neglecting? Well, turn on the news any day of the week and you can see some of thing signs we have ignored. I also know many of us are looking at these signs and omens and reading them appropriately. We are acting on them. We are hearing what the world has to say and making the choices that are supportive to the world, ourselves, and the future.

What about on a more personal level? What about in our own lives? I ask all the time for clarity. I want to know what to do, what choice to make, to get me the life I want. “Show me the way”, I ask (and beg sometimes). I believe the problem is that I want it “NOW” so I am looking for the wrong signs. I look for the one shot deal and fast turn around time. I expect the “get rich quick” plans. Maybe, instead, I should be saying “show me the next step” with a “now, if you please” attached. Maybe instead of looking for the “3 day turn around time,” I should be looking for the “IRA investment plan.” The universe has its own Divine Timing. When I attach my expected timing to it, I close off the flow and I miss the sign and omens through which The Soul of The World is speaking to me. Patience is a virtue. It is also a great way to actually hear what is being spoken to you and seeing what you are being shown.


In Love and Light



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