Where In Your Life Are You Settling for Less?

Snow, snow, snow! Snow is everywhere you look around here. Last winter season we got pretty much nothing for snowfall. So far this season we have gotten a few good storms. Thus snow is every where. I love snow. I guess you could really say I love snowstorms and falling snow. The whole shoveling, icy roads and sidewalks, and really narrow streets I could do without. However, since that is a part of snow storms, I will live with them. For me the beauty and peace that I receive in a snowstorm outweighs the nuisances that accompany them. At least in January it does. When March comes around, the annoyances of a snowstorm may outweigh the joy I get from them.

As I was thinking about snowstorms and how I take the annoyances of them because I love the beauty of them, I got to wondering where in my life am I settling. There are benefits and consequences to everything that we do. I understand that. I also know from my own experience that sometime that “benefits and consequences” logic can be used as a means to settle for less that what you want. You like your job. You do something that you enjoy (but might not love), it pays you well, and you like the people you work with. So you stay. What you really want to be doing is something else. This is a case where the benefits of staying may outweigh the consequences of getting another job. Yet you are settling for less than you want (and deserve). You are asked to commit to a romantic partner who you love, treats you amazingly, and thinks the world of you and yet you have no passion or chemistry with. If you say yes, you are settling for less than what you may want.

Is settling for less really all that wrong? Yes and no. For me, the question really becomes are you even aware that you may be settling for less. Most of the time we think what we have in our lives is good enough that we forget that we ever wanted more or different. More often that not we have been so beaten up by life and kicked around and stomped down, that when we get something that is “good enough” we are not aware that we wanted “fantastic” and “amazing.” So ask yourself the question “Where in my life am I settling for ‘good enough?’ ” and sometimes that may be where you want to be at this moment. As long as you come clean with yourself and figure out what you really want and desire. Hold the vision for yourself. You may be willing to be in “good enough” for now and yet know that “fantastic” is out there for you also, someday. Look at what you are settling for in your life and allow “good enough” to grow and expand into the “amazing.”


In love and light

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