What Are You Fascinated By? What Are You Not Seeing?

Because people become fascinated with pictures and words, and wind up forgetting the Language of the World. from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

In this part of the book the alchemist is thinking about why it is that his teaching must be given to his students orally. He has always taught his students, master to apprentice, one on one. He does this so that there will be no chance of a misinterpretation or a shift in the teachings. Language is an amazing invention, and the written language allows tons of information to spread across the globe daily. We live in an age where information can be easily obtained and pretty much anyone can find just about anything on just about everything. All of the dissemination of information would not be possible without the written word. This gives humans a means of communication. The wriiten word is truly an amazingly powerful tool.

We use this tool so often and so effectively that we have forgotten that it is just a tool, and that it has its own issues. Words, although they have an agreed upon common meaning, are still open to interpretation by the person who reads them. Words are only a presentation of something. The word “tree”  in no way tells you about the specific tree that is growing in your front yard. You can go ahead and add more words to better describe the tree in the yard. This will help give someone a better mental picture of that tree. However, no matter how many words you add to the description, those words will never actually be that tree. They will never give another person the true experience of that tree. Words can describe the world but they will never be the world. People can become so fascinated and engulfed by the words and the pictures that give them information that is new to them that they forget that the words are not the experience. The words are not the truth of the thing. You can read everything there is about a beach, but until you walk on it, see it, feel it, and experience its many aspects you will never know the beach.

To understand the Language of the World you must experience the world and not become engulfed by the written description. Words will never be able to tell you how the wind feels on your face. Words can describe and words crafted together in amazing ways by amazing writters can cause you to almost feel like the wind blowing on your face. However, only you will know what the wind feels to like to you. Another person’s words will never be able to convey the truth of your experience. Words written on a page will always tell you what to think, present another person’s ideas, say how things look, and what to experience. Only you can decide for yourself the truth of those experiences when you experience the world. That is why some lessons cannot be read about. The words can distract you from your own interpretations and your own truth. Your experience is unique, and how the Language of the World speaks to you is unique. Getting caught up in the words, getting caught up in the information, can distract from how you speak to the Soul of the World.


In Love and Light


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