Lots of Ideas – Creativity Sapper?

At first “Lots of Ideas” would seem just the opposite of a creativity sapper. “Lots of Ideas” would seem like an abundance of creativity. Remember sappers usually deal with the act of creating not necessarily the ideas of creativity. So while having lots and lots of creative ideas is being creative, sometimes it also prevents people from acting upon those ideas.  Sometimes having an abundance of choices paralyzes and the person ends up picking none of the choices. Instead, they do nothing. Another way this sapper could manifest is moving from one idea to the next and never finishing things that are started. A person jumps from one thing to the next never actually completes any of their brilliant ideas. I believe these are both aspects of the same sapper. This is one sapper that I am very familiar with.

How do you know if this sapper is a part of your life? Big clue is if you have many different have started projects in your house. The energy rush of starting a new brilliant idea is amazing and yet the tedious follow through of a project may not be so.  So, as a result, your house is filled with lots of unfinished, started projects. Guilty as charged! Another clue would be if you find yourself saying things like “That would be wonderful to try” or “I would love to create ….” on a fairly regular basis. If you look around at the world and see possible paintings, unwritten stories, amazing designs, potential jewelry and other possibilities and yet really don’t do any thing with those ideas then this sapper maybe a part of your life. Cheer up! Having ideas is a good thing.

So how to unsap this sapper? As one of my coaches suggested to me, get a brilliant idea book. Every time you have an idea put it in the book by taking a picture, jotting a note, making a sketch, do something to get the idea out of your head onto the paper. Once it is out of your head, the energy is free to move. You are free to move. When you’re ready you can now come back to the idea. Another way is remove this sapper is to share your ideas. Give your ideas to someone else and let them run with them. This will energize you and support someone else. You have an amazing amount of ideas so you are not going to run out! Spread the wealth! Another way is to finish something. The satisfaction of finishing a project is as much a rush as starting. Get a feel for that satisfaction. Commit to either finishing the unfinished projects or throwing them out! That energy is stuck right now – get rid of it or finish it. Release all that stuck energy so it can move and flow into something new. Just do it as the Nike commercial says.  Start small and do one thing at a time. If you have a great idea during the process and are tempted to do that instead, put it in your book and vow to get back to it when the stuck energy is released.

One thing I would like to mention is that sappers work really well as a team. So where there is one sapper there is probably more. The “lots of ideas” sapper works really, really well with the “perfectionism” sapper. I will talk about that one next week. It also has another teammate that goes by the name of “overwhelm”. Those three love to work together and are usually very effective as an energy drain.

If this sapper is familiar to you I would love to hear what has worked for you to unsap the sapper!

In love and light



  1. I know exactly what you mean 🙂

  2. Oh, this is so ME, it’s not even funny. I’m choosing option 3, and I totally commit to finish painting that half-painted wall upstairs THIS WEEKEND! Thanks for inspiring me, Celina.

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