Creativity Sappers – What are they?

When I speak of creativity, there are two things that I can be referring to. One is the creative inspiration, that spark of an idea that comes to you. The second thing I may speak of is the act of creativity. This is what someone does to manifest the spark of inspiration into physical reality. More often than not when someone talks about being creative, they are speaking about the act of creativity, the doing and shaping of the spark of inspiration that has come to them. When I speak of creativity sappers I refer to the act of creativity and not the spark of creativity. I don’t believe that the spark of creativity can be truly sapped.

I believe that, by nature, human beings are creative beings. Everyday we are constantly taking past experiences and learnings and rearranging them in new things – different than they were before. This is creativity. We do this naturally and really without much thought. When you add some new ingredients to a old recipe, that is being creative. Created a new outfit for yourself – that is also creativity. Human beings are so creative that we don’t even think about it much and have delegate the word – creative- to only mean a few special people such as artists, musicians, writers, etc. We tend to think of people in those professions we think about someone who is creative. However, we are all creative and are being creative constantly. That, I feel, can never be truly turned off.

So, when I speak of creativity sappers I am referring to those things, events, ideas, philosophies that sap energy and prevent people from engaging in the act of creating something. The ideas, the sparks, are still there and yet, when the sappers are about, these ideas never seem to manifest into the physical plan. There are many different types and some them are very old friends of mine. You will probably recognize some of them yourself as I bring them out and introduce them. So, to be clear, a Creativity Sapper is any feeling, situation, person or action that, on a continued basis, prevents someone from engaging in the act of manifesting the spark of there inspired idea into physical reality. The sap the energy to doing anything right out of you. Goodbye. Nice to know you.

In the next few weeks I will be taking on the sappers one by one. I will pull them out and introducing them to you. I hope to make you aware of what might be preventing you from engaging in your acts of creativity. These are only some of the ones I see, felt or experienced in others. If you have a sapper you would like to talked please let me know. What is sapping you is probably sapping someone else to! Maybe, just maybe, an answer will come on how to prevent that sapper from working it’s ugly magic on you.  I hope to support us all in getting back to manifesting our unique spark of inspiration into the physical world. Beware Sappers, beware. Your days are numbered!

In love and light



  1. Beautiful! It’s true that, for most of my life, I have thought of myself as someone who is “not creative.” Once I tuned into the creative energy of All that Is did I realize that, we humans are creative by nature, by design. That’s our connection to Source.

    For me, I think the biggest Creativity Sapper is judgment ~ whether it’s from me or somebody else. I can’t draw as well as an “artist,” so I shouldn’t even try. Or I think I’ve written something really creative, and somebody says, “I don’t get it.”

    I look forward to your upcoming posts on the topic! You always have such great insights.

  2. Enjoyed this very much and am looking forward to the “sappers” being addressed individually. I know where my biggest one came from–my mom. Her unfavorable comments on pins I used to make dried up my creativity till its so dry it’s practically dead. 😦 Not quite sure how to regain that and so am looking forward to your thoughts on the “sappers” and hoping you’ll suggest how to overcome them.

    One that I’d like to see addressed is how to overcome criticism from others that seem to be a cold bucket of water. In retrospect I do not think there was anything wrong with my pins but it was more that how I created them was not anything my mom was interested in nor would wear and that was the true source of her comments.

    • This is a good sapper to address! It was not one that would have come to my mind immediately so I am looking forward to addressing it. Thanks Jamie!

  3. Hmm…my sapper is life… I get so busy with other chores, I feel I am to tired to take the time to let the creativity out. I push myself so hard sometimes, I find I am exhausted and to tired to think in my down time…

    Part of that is because, I am one of those who still has a problem with starting something and not finishing it at one sitting. I am afraid that I will not be able to regain the flow if I take a break and come back later. Therefore…I feel I do not have the time to get into a project so…I never start it… I am trying to create a space for me to leave my projects so I can try to start and go back…..

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