How Is The Power of Your Faith?

Whoever is planted in the Tao will not be rooted up.

Verse 54 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

This year I began to understand the meaning of faith. Maybe “meaning” is not the word I am looking for. Power is probably a better word. This year I have begun to discover the Power of Faith. This year there have been shifts and changes in my life that have tested the path I walk and, though often I have not walked the path as I would have liked to, the foundation upon which I have built was not shaken. I was very religious from about the fifth grade until my high school years. I studied and read the Bible, and followed the path of a Christian in my belief systems. I had faith – or what I thought was faith. I also had many doubts. I did not have what I have now. Now I have Faith with a capital “F.” I may still have doubts, but they are different. Before they dug at the core and wheedled their way into my beliefs. Now when they come I see them for what they are – a part of my ego mind that wants to be in control.

Now my Faith is backed by a Knowingness that is deep and rooted. It is based in a feeling of “Coming Home.” It is confirmed by a feeling of Truth that resonates in every level of my being. This Faith has reconciled many doubts that I had before. This Faith has allowed me to accept and honor my own Truth. It has allowed me to stand in my own Power and has allowed me to awaken to the deep longings of my soul without guilt and shame about who and what I am. It began with exploration and questions about the nature of what I believed. This journey allowed me to say “I don’t understand” and to look around and find Truth. It allowed me to accept some things and reject others. It has supported me in discovering others on the same and different paths. It has given me the courage to say “I accept your Truth is not for me.” It has given me Peace to say nothing when others disagree and disparage my beliefs.

I did not know the Power of Faith until I had to stand in it, question it, and find that when I said to someone “I know the Truth, our physical bodies are but a moment in time and our Spirit will never die,” that it wasn’t a platitude but a rock solid belief that becomes the foundation of my world. I did not understand how to be rooted or even what it meant to be rooted. I do now. The roots run deep and wide and will weather the storm that is coming. In those moments when I hear the false voice of doubt, I can get still and quiet and feel the Power of the Tao that is rooted in my life and know that all things go from it and to it. I can feel to the depths of my soul that there is no “good” or “bad,” there is only The Tao. That is the Power of Faith.

In love and light


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