The Truth of Who We Are.

If you keep your mind from judging and aren’t led by the senses, your heart will find peace.

Verse 53 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

So we are over two thirds of the way through the Tao at this point and by now we should know what the great Way is. However, I don’t remember any step by step instructions in what I read. I don’t remember any guide book. I don’t remember any one verse telling me exactly what the Way is. How can you say it is easy when there is no path? How can you say it is easy when you haven’t gotten clear goals of what you are striving for?

I got into a debate, or back and forth you might say, with someone on twitter. I posted my article on the first verse of the Tao. Click here to refresh your memory. In this article, I assert that by using words alone that you can never fully explain the Tao. That was objectionable to them. For they had clear methods and instructions of how to follow the Tao, and it was changing people’s life. That is great, I wrote, and yet no matter how much you say – you can’t explain all of the Tao. He or she disagreed. I marked it up to the “we agree to disagree” statement and let it go. So if you can’t truly explain what the Tao is how can you explain what the Way is?

Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself. That is the Way, or at least part of the Way. Many don’t find that easy at all. However the Way is more than just that. It is loving everything that comes into your life as yourself. You love every event, person, and situation that comes into your life as yourself because this is all the Tao. It is all one with you. It is all you. The Way is acceptance of all that is and understanding that this physically body is but a moment in the sum total of the Tao. It is putting into daily practice these beliefs and understanding. It is knowing when you are in the midst of an arguement that you are arguing with yourself. It is believing that your dying relative, your unemployment, your pain, your divorce, your troubled past are also of the Tao. That they are one with the Way. It is knowing to the depth of your soul that this physical body that appears to be, that you are at the moment, is but a brief moment of your existence. That you are so much more than your physical form.

How can that be easy? How can the constant struggle to accept, understand and be one with everything in your life be easy? Well, for one thing, stop believing it is hard. That’s the best place to start. Then be gentle with yourself when you forget. Before you incarnated in this form you knew at every level of your being that you were one with Everything. You didn’t think about it. You just KNEW it. We have forgotten. We have forgotten because we have been lead to believe that the material world is important. That satisfying all our physical needs will bring us happiness. Remember who and what you are. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Even though it seems like that is all there is in this moment, it is a brief moment in the truth of who you are.

In love and light


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