Where is Your Judgment Leading You?

If you keep your mind from judging and aren’t led by the senses, your heart will find peace.

Verse 52 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

Ah – judgment. This is single thing in the course of human history that has caused the most problems ever. I believe every argument, every war, every hurt feeling, everything that caused a clash between two sides of a conflict comes down to a clash in judgment. Judgment is defined as: the capacity to form an opinion by distinguishing and evaluating. At it’s very simplest, every conflict comes down to one thing – one side judges something as “good” and the other side as “bad.” The rest is all convincing, emotions, and, a lot of times, anger and resentment. People don’t like to be wrong. So if a person is working hard to convince you of their side of an argument, you feel judged. You feel like you are wrong. Many people then get defensive and work harder to convince others of the validity of their side. It is an endless cycle with neither side willing to give in.

The Tao speaks of another way. When you can release judgment about what is happening around your heart, you will find peace. Think about what it would be like to not place any judgment of “right” or “wrong” or “good” and “bad” on anything. You go through your day by accepting all that comes your way as part of the Tao. It just is. You respond to the situation. You don’t react to it. This means you take the actions in the situations that will support you with judging (or reacting) to what is going on.

Many times in a situation our emotional reactions are really about past events that we have judged to be “bad.” They have caused us hurt, pain, or embarrassment and so any new situation that come up that looks and feels the same way are also judged as bad. By accepting the situation, allowing yourself to feel your emotion but not react to them, you will not be led by your senses. You will notice what is going on for you, you will feel it, and you will not judge it. It just is. All that occurs is of the Tao. So too is it with your emotions. They are of the Tao. Allow things, accept situations, feel your emotions, and release your judgment and you heart will be peaceful.

In love and light


Are Your Expectations Supporting You?

creating without possessing, acting without expecting, guiding without interfering.

Verse 51 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

If you look at your daily life you probably don’t realize how many expectations you hold for the day. We expect to wake up in the morning. We expect to arrive safely at work and on time. We expect our car to start or the buses to run. We expect the power to be on all day. There are thousands and thousands things that occur in our everyday lives that we just expect to happen. When they don’t, we get upset. This verse of the Tao speaks to us to let go of those expectations. It asks that we move through our day in a place of attention and awareness of what is going on around us with no expectations of anything occurring in a certain way. It asks that we stop looking for certain results. The awareness and attention you have could be considered to be a place of anticipation. When you ask yourself the question “What’s next?” from a place of discovery and curiosity, you are living in this place of anticipation and you are letting go of expected results. This place of “What’s next?” is one way of letting go of your expectations.

These three lines in verse 51 are asking us to move through the actions of our lives from this place of letting go. You act, and yet it is not you who is acting – it is the Tao. It is not you who speaks, creates, guides – it is the Tao. If you come from a perspective that the Tao is orchestrating all things, everything that happens in each moment, then it is not your creation, your actions, or your guidance that is occurring every day. It is the Tao’s. If all these actions are the Tao’s then whatever happens as a result is also of the Tao, and therefore not yours either. All things come from the Tao and all things return to the Tao. By letting go of the results and the expectations of certain results we can focus on the present moment and immersing yourselves in the Tao. We can concentration on becoming one with the Tao and one with all things. In this state of letting go, of allowing, you let go of stress and frustration. You let go of disappointment and anger. You let go of grudges and power struggles. You operate from a place of “It’s all the Tao” and “I am one with all that happens.” You operate from a place of peace and love.

In love and light


I can not find my way home.

I can not find my way home.

The way is blocked, unclear.

I push aside the brambles and thorns,

hands bloodied, arms sore, checks wet with tears.

I can not find the way home.


Clear paths abound around me.

I see them, bright and unblocked.

Easily traveled upon should I choose

to step that way and walk awhile.

Clear paths all around me.


Rooted to a blocked path.

Unwilling to turn aside.

I stand reaching for something, anything,

a dim memory of what I can not know.

Standing on a blocked path.


A small turn is all.

To move forward, free, unbound.

If only I would turn aside, leave,

walk away from a memory long since gone.

A small shift is all.


I can not find my way home.

The way is blocked, unclear.

Do I turn away, move forward, step free

to go where the clear paths lead?

Can I choose the way?