Is “Should” Affecting Your Energy Level?

How often in your vocabulary do you use the word “should?” Just take a moment and think about how you use the word “should” in your sentences and your thoughts. “I should clean the house.” “I should do the laundry.” “I should make those business calls.” “I should redo my resume.” “I should visit my mother.” The word “should” is defined as: used in auxiliary function to express obligation, propriety, or expediency. The word “should” is an obligating word. It is a word used to get ourselves or someone else to do something right now or in the very near future. This word invokes guilt and shame because we are not doing whatever action we feel we must do. When you think about the word “should,” notice how your body feels. Notice how your energy level is affected. Your body may feel heavy. It may feel tired. You may also feel a sense of resentment and resistance. “Should” is a word that strips us of our power. “Should” is not a word that creates energy and movement. It is not a word that creates a connection or feelings of joy and happiness. “Should” is a binding word. It is a word of restriction.

There is power in our words. All words have a vibration, a sound, and an energy to them. There is power in how we think and what we say. This power can support us and energize us, or this power can hinder us and cause us to feel tired. The word “should” is not a word that empowers. It is not a word that energizes. Now think about the word “choose” or the word “desire.” Think about the energy to those words. These words have a different feeling to them than the word “should” does. Think about how empowering it would be if you started to choose to do things all those “must dos” in your life. “I choose to do the laundry.” “I choose to make those business calls.” Think about how different of an energy level that creates in you than the word “should.” Now think about how different an energy level it creates if you desire to do those actions! “I desire to clean the bathroom today.” “I desire to visit my mother.” “I desire to do my resume.” “I desire to do my newsletter!” There is a totally different energy to them. There is a completely different feeling in your body. You may not necessarily feel that desire in that moment. However by just using a different word in the sentence you have now created a completely different tone and feeling in your body. Begin to create your own high energy vocabulary by removing from it the words that have a low energy feeling to you and replacing them with words that have a high energy feeling to you. This will completely change how you feel when taking actions and raise your energy levels!

In love and light


  1. A wise post, Celina and I do agree that all of the shoulds are energy drainers snd take away our incentive to do things. Thanks for this!

    • A language change totally helps! Saying “choose” instead of “should” completely alters the energy.

  2. An excellent article Celina. Reminds us that words create and entice our reality.

    We must recall that Magic is performed with the utterance of words.

    Thanks – Kal

    • Our Words are so powerful. They can change so much, the course of human history has changed just by the utterance of words.
      Again, thanks for reading and responding. I appreciate it.


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