Are You Managing Expectations?

This week’s ramblings is based off of a situation that occurred at supper the other night. Here’s a little background information so you understand the situation. We had been gone most of the week before and because we didn’t want anything to spoil while we were gone, we had very few food choices in the house to pick from. By this time, we had been home for a few days but hadn’t gotten to the grocery store yet. So still not a lot of choice to eat in the house. So for supper that night I had pulled out two containers of beef stew from the freezer. I LOVE beef stew! I was looking forward to it all day. As Jim was getting it ready (you know, putting it in bowls and heating it up) he asked, “Why is there chicken in the beef stew?” This made no sense to me either. I came to realize that what I thought was beef stew was really the left-over chicken and veggies we had made in the crock pot the week before. We ate it anyway, but I just was not enjoying eating it. It really didn’t taste that good to me.

When I commented to Jim about this he asked, “How much of that is because you were counting on beef stew?” Well, of all of it really. The chicken tasted fine the week before, and I love chicken made in the crock pot. The chicken is always so moist and tender when cooked that way. I ate the piece in my bowl with a spoon. That’s how tender it was. So what is going on here? The same thing that is going on everyday — what I expected the outcome to be is affected how I was viewed (or tasted in this case) the situation. I expected one thing and got another, so I was disappointed with what I got. The result was a dinner that didn’t taste good to me in that moment. Life is about managing expectations – our own and others. If someone is disappointed, then how were their expectations not met and why?

Think about how many expectations you set everyday. Most of these expectations are ingrained and not thought about. Most of us expect the sun to rise, the car to start when we turn the key, and to get to work on time when we leave the same time as we did before. We expect water to come out of the faucet, and for it to be hot if we turned on the hot water. We expect the TV to come on, the phone to ring, the oven to work. The list goes on and on. All of these expectations, and many more, are part of the background noise of our daily lives, and when one of them doesn’t turn out the way we expect, we are disappointed. As I write this I am thinking about how my life would be if I let go of all expectations. I don’t think I will achieve that soon and yet, think of how different holding that perspective that could be. How different would it be if instead of expecting hot water out of the faucet, I gave thanks because it’s there or if I said “Thank you” every time my car started. Such a different life that would be. It would be one of wonderment and amazement for all the amazing things that are going on around us.

WOW. Look at that! The fan and light came on when I flipped a switch. How cool is that!

In love and light



  1. Amen, sistah, amen! Breathing into gratitude, rather than disappointment, is tops on my list these days, as well. Something else we share…beautiful job putting your heart and soul out there.

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