Choice is Our Greatest Gift.

One of the greatest gifts we, the human race, have been given is the gift of free will, or in other words: the gift of choice. One can argue that this gift has caused countless years of brutal treatment, torment, pain and suffering. However, it has also caused amazing beauty, kindness, bravery and peace. It has given people the ability to overcome the human being’s basic instincts and to rise above them. It has given us the ability to respond to situations and not just react based on past conditioning. The ability to reason, to grow, to expand beyond all that has come before in our history as a race, this is also a gift of choice. As with anything, what we do with our free will is our choice.

If you fully embrace this gift and incorporate it into your life, it will give you the opportunity to live life with less stress, frustration and anger. It will help you to incorporate new ideas, new perspectives and new opportunities into your life. With a simple step into full awareness and acceptance of the belief that you have a choice about anything and everything that comes into your life, you will create a life filled with abundance, health and joy.

The key to this awareness is to remember that regardless of what is going on around you, you have a choice of how to view this situation. No matter what else happens, that choice can never, ever, ever be taken away from you. There are horrible and awful situations happening around us and to us every day. One choice is to view the situation as “I can’t do anything about it” and stay trapped in that situation. Other choices are to look at what you can learn, where you can serve, where is there an opportunity to change, what you can do to make this a better situation or where you can go to get out of the situation. As long as you believe you have no choice, you will never look for those opportunities.

In love and light




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