Your “Treasure” Is Your Unique Gift

“The closer one gets to realizing his Personal Legend, the more that personal legend becomes his true reason for being.” by Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist

I believe we all have a Personal Legend, a destiny, a reason that we chose to manifest into the world at this time. Those Legends are different for each one of us and they have nothing to do with money or treasure. The book The Alchemist uses the idea of treasure as an allegory for that thing inside of you that is unique to you. It is the stuff that makes you – you and that unique stuff is what your Personal Legend, your Treasure, is tied too. That unique combination of talents, insights, experiences, and wisdom has never before existed in this world before and will never exist again. That combination is tied to your Personal Legend, your destiny. There are points in the book that, if the shepherd boy had been someone other than who he was, he would have stepped aside and done something differently. Anyone else on the path of finding the treasure would not have accomplished finding it. Finding that treasure takes the unique combination of this particular person, in this case the shepherd boy, to make it happen.

Your destiny is something that will bring you joy. It will play to your strengths and talents. It will be that part of you that is connected to God, The Universe, Spirit, or whatever you call the guiding intelligent force that is within all things. Discovery of your Treasure lies on the path that you follow that comes from your own insights. This path is one that you follow because your heart and soul said it is so. You will not find your Treasure by blindly follow the path of another. Each teacher, each situation, each moment on the path will show your the next step the moment you make that idea, that belief, your own. This means you assimilate it into yourself. It becomes your Truth, your Knowing, your own beliefs. It becomes one with your own unique world view. When you trust that uniqueness and follow it you find your Treasure, your Destiny. You will walk the path that you were born to follow and that no one else in this world can walk. You will step fully into who you are.

In love and light



  1. This is so true! We waste so much time chasing what the world deems “important” only to feel empty and used up. If we would learn to focus sooner on our talents, strengths, and what we love, we would find undescribable joy as we live our divine destiny at an earlier age and make an even greater impact. The good news is: It’s better to find it later than never!.

  2. It’s never too late! It just takes a choice to begin. That’s all. How easy is that!

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