Responsibility doesn’t equal fault.

We all reap what we sow. It is a law of the universe. You can believe in it or not. It’s like gravity, you may choose not to believe in gravity, but when you drop something it is going to go down toward the ground. You can give it whatever name you want, things are still going to go down, sometimes hard. So, you reap what you sow. Everything in your life is a product of what you sowed in some area. If you sowed discord and gossip at your work, then you are going to reap that also. If you sowed charity and compassion among your friends and strangers, then you will reap that also. I remember going through a period of time when I decided to sow ideas. Anything that came to me I would throw out to whomever I was talking. I would tell them “You run with it.” Whether they did or not, I didn’t care; I was sowing ideas. I ended up having to slow down on the sowing because I was getting so many ideas of what I wanted to do and projects I could follow, that I was temporarily immobilized by all the choices. Hmmm… that’s a rambling for another day. Remind me. So I became more deliberate in my sowing of ideas and reaped the benefit of that by having a more consistent stream of ideas that didn’t overwhelm me. Well, it didn’t overwhelm me most days. I would speak of book ideas, workshop ideas, inspirations for paintings, ways to improve work flows, anything and everything that came to mind. I would throw those pebbles into the river of life and let it flow where it will.

I think one of the hang ups people have with this whole idea of reaping what we sow, is that they expect it to return to them in the same form that you sowed. I understand how that assumption can come about. After all, if you plant apples you are not going to get peanuts. So you believe that if you donate money to charity then you should be reaping money from something. Way wrong answer! If you are donating money to get money, you are not sowing money are you? No you are sowing stinginess; you are giving something to get something. That is a whole other problem. Let’s look at this from another angle. You smile everyday at everyone you meet because you like to see people smile. So maybe instead of people smiling at you first, (that would be a direct correlation) people are friendlier to you or other drivers let you in the line before them or people hold open the door for you. So if you want to increase something in your life, start giving it away. Always remember that if you give to just get then it’s not going to work. So, instead, think of it in the terms of: this is something I lack in my life; if I lack it others must lack it too so I will help them make up their lack. As you do this you will come to understand why this lack is there and be able to correct it within your own life. Remember it may not (and probably won’t) show up as you expect, so STOP looking for it! Just enjoy the sowing

One other thing I’d also like to mention is that when you shift one thing in your life, everything else moves also. It’s all related, so as you begin to sow things in some areas of your life, it will absolutely affect others. It’s all connected. It is all a part of you and you can’t segregate areas of your life for very long. Eventually they all affect each other. So go with it, and realize that as you begin sowing, all things will change!

In love and light



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