Information Does Not Equal Being Informed

“You have to be informed,” a co-worker said to me. We had been discussing the media and how it wasn’t serving the people of the US. How it was part of the problem and not part of the solution. “No you don’t,” was my reply. “Now that’s scary.” he said. I just smiled.

To someone whose whole life is about gathering information, cataloging and analyzing it, there is only more information to be had. The answer is gotten from getting more information, by asking more questions and getting more answers, by looking, analyzing, asking or reading other people’s opinions. It is always found outside of yourself. The problem is that everything is just someone’s perception of the events taking place. It’s all someone else’s opinion.

Inside each one of us is a connection to the infinite universe. We are a piece of the holographic universe, and that piece contains all the information of the whole. So inside of us, we contain all the information we need to make the decision that is good for us, good for this country, and good for this world. It is when we start looking outside of ourselves that we get confused and misled. It is when we believe that somehow we are lacking some vital piece of information to make an informed decision that we somehow seem to take the wrong road, or go down the wrong path.

As a society we have lost our ability to trust and rely on our gut instincts. There was a great piece that Oprah did interviewing women in crisis situations and how they all had some “feeling” beforehand but CHOSE to ignore it. We are not taught to trust and depend on our instincts anymore. We are taught to listen to the experts, and the informed, and the knowledgeable. We are taught to give over our power and connect to the universe through someone else because that person will lead us to nourishment and safety. They are just like us, no better, no worse. They may seem to have more knowledge, but they have the same connection we do, the same ability to get the answers as we do. However, we must trust that ability and learn to use it for the betterment of ourselves and the world. The next time someone discounts your opinion because you don’t have enough knowledge, remember that you both have the same connection to this universe and all it’s knowledge. Remember that your instincts about a situations are just as valid, perhaps more so, than their knowledge. Trust your gut.

In love and light



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