“How can I” do the impossible?

When an elephant is very young, their leg is tied with a large rope. The other end of the rope is tied to something very secure, a tree for example, something the baby elephant can’t break or carry away. Very soon this creature learns that it is useless to attempt to break the rope or to go past the rope’s limit. It learns that it is secured. The elephant learns the limit of it’s world. Soon, the elephant incorporates this world view into it’s mindset. It becomes such a part of the elephant’s mindset that even when it is an older, very powerful elephant, it will never attempt to break this rope. The elephant will always feel that weight and as soon as it feels the resistance of the rope the elephant will believe it has reached it’s limit.

Human beings are also conditioned in this way. Every “no,” every “you can’t do that,” every “that’s impossible” is taken and incorporated into our world view. We are taught from a very young age what our limits supposedly are, and when we feel the slightest resistance on those limits we stop. We believed that we have reached our limits. However, what we have reached is only our current mindset’s limits.

We never know what our limits are until we push against the ones that we believe we have. As with any training process, you take one step, action, or perspective beyond that of what you believed your limit to be. You allow yourself to be open to the possibility that everything that you have learned about yourself until this point may not be the whole truth. You allow yourself the possibility that all you know about your limits, restrictions, and boundaries may be completely incorrect. Switch from the mindset of “I can’t” to a mindset of “How can I” to begin to explore what false limitations you have set for yourself without even realizing that you have set those limits. Each step beyond what was “no” before creates a new belief about what is possible. Lewis Carroll wrote, “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” What would happen to your life if you made that one shift and believed that you could accomplish six things in your life that you told yourself were impossible? What would your life look like then?

In love and light

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