What can you learn from a dead rose bush?

I love roses. For a long period after my husband and I bought our house, I would plant them all over the yard. I love rose bushes but I really don’t like gardening. My idea of gardening was plant it in the ground, maybe remember to water it, almost never remember to feed it and perhaps pull up the weeds that obscure the plant. Well, come to find out, roses can be very tricky, and tricky gardening and me really don’t really connect. So needless to say (and I’m going to say it anyway) most of the roses I planted died. I’d say about 98% of them. I still have one alive and thriving in the backyard.

The second rose bush is the focus of this post. There is this great spot by the corner of our front porch that is perfect for a rose bush. Well, at least I thought so. It gets lots of sun and is away from the possibility of being mowed over by a lawn mower, which has happened one or two times to some of my plants. So perfect was this spot, in fact, that I planted four different varieties of roses, four different times, in that spot. They all died. So finally I decided enough was enough and I pulled up the last dead rose bush, roots and all, and planted a holly bush instead. I love holly, too.

After about two years of the holly bush thriving very nicely, a second plant started sprouting in the middle of the holly. A plant that looked sort of like a rose bush. I thought that very odd and decided to let it continue growing to see what it was. The holly bush didn’t seem to mind. It is now two years later, and this spring we got about 30 blooms on this dead rose bush. I was amazed. My husband was amazed. I bet that holly bush was amazed. Probably the only one not amazed was the rose bush. My husband asked me to trim it back because it’s starting to grow towards the back yard and is taking over the porch. My response was, “I can’t. It’s dead!”

Now onto the moral of the story. Sometimes you have to pull an idea up by the roots, throw it out completely and start focusing on a completely different idea before the first one will take root and grow. You just keep planting until something grows and flourishes. Also – let go and let God.

If you want to come and pick one of my undead roses to remind you of this fact, feel free

In love and light



  1. Celina,
    I really enjoyed this “moral”..IIt is a reminder to me that miracles show up,but not always the way we expect…Nature is a miracle that we can see when we take the time to “smell the roses”..Thanks for sharing this inspiring story..Love and hugs, Kim

  2. I enjoyed this, as well. There are so many good lessons from Nature, if we are open to receiving them and pay attention. Thanks for this post.

  3. Not much for gardening or nature, and I think I’ve run out of miracles.
    But it’s a nice story anyways.

    • I’m not into gardening really which is one of the reason I had so many bushes die – didn’t take time to care for them.

      If you stop expecting miracles or looking for them you will never find them. I use to believe that miracles happened to others not to me until someone pointed out something that happened in my life that was a miracle. Most people don’t expect miracles because they don’t want to be disappointed when they don’t happen or people expect miracles to show up in a certain way and when they don’t they say they didn’t happen. Perhaps you are surrounded by miracles that are just screaming for your attention, all they need to activate is for you to notice for them. If you stop believing you will never see.

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