What if life came with a owner’s manual?

What if? What if your whole life was planned before you were born? What if you sat down, before being born, and decided what lessons or situations you wanted to experience in this lifetime? What if, knowing what you wanted from this lifetime, you figured out what you must experience and learn to make that happen? What if you figured out exactly what you must do to get everything you desire? Then, what if you wrote that all down, sealed that into an envelope and placed that information inside yourself? When you unseal that envelope it will tell you all you have to do to get from this life all you desire. All you had to do was follow the steps, one after another. Would you unseal the letter? Remember this is yourself telling you what to do. This is the you that is connected to the Universe. The you that has the answers and knows the whys and meaning of your life. Would you read the letter? Would you follow the steps?

The biggest challenge I find for myself is not knowing the next step to take. Perhaps it is more like seeing all the next steps and not knowing which one to choose – I often ask myself, “What is the right next step that will get me what I want?” I think many of us are like that. We all just want a plan to follow, a step by step instruction manual that tells us how to… lose weight, have a successful business, be healthy, have a good relationship with my spouse, kids, friends, family. Just tell me what to do to make it work! Well as Brian Klemmer says “If How To’s were enough we’d all be skinny, rich and famous”.

So would you read the letter from yourself? Think about all that has happened in your life or all that has happened in the lives of your friends. Even if you saw the direct correlation to how that event in your life was going to get you the life you desire would you want to know that… you would have a debilitating disease, you would have a parent that would die when you were young, you would be in a situation of abuse or neglect? Would you choose it knowing that those things are going to support you, or are essential to you getting all you want and desire from this life or maybe not this lifetime, maybe it doesn’t happen until your next lifetime? Would you choose it? Would you read the letter and follow the plan step by step?

I don’t have an answer for myself at this moment. As much as I would love to have a plan and knowing that following the plan would give me everything I want, I’m not sure I want to know the steps I might have to take to get there. Then knowing those steps, I’m not sure that I would be able to willingly follow them all. Even still, just the thought that all the answers and all the steps are inside of me and they will give me the life I desire, is a comfort. If I want the next step all I have to do is open that portion of the letter an read it. It will tell me everything I need to do. My very own guide to life, written exclusively for me, by me. What if?

In love and light




  1. I happen to be listing to the Dream Giver. It talks about how we are all born with a great dream inside us and we just need to remember it (your envelope perhaps) and move. I feel like have reached many of my dreams. Now at 50 years old I would love to just take a peek in the envelope but only for directional purpose. I will figure out how to get there on my own.

    • Think how wonderful it would be if you didn’t have to “figure it out”. What if you just knew? What if you allowed the wisdom that is contained within each of us to flow out and into your life? You have all the answers. Now, just allow the awareness of those answers to unfold in your consciousness.


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