What are luck and coincidence telling you?

“If I could, I’d write a huge encyclopedia just about the words luck and coincidence. It’s with those words that the universal language is written.” by Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist

What you want in your life wants you. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that powerful to think that everything that you want in your life wants to be in your life. Think about how focused, committed and energized you feel when you know exactly what you want. Now think about what happens when someone else wants the same thing and works with you to achieve that. Remember how powerful it was to be working with someone else who wanted the same thing? How the efforts of two people seemed to multiply and expand beyond what seemed capable for only two people?  Remember when there were times when you both seemed to think that same thought or know exactly what to do and it perfectly complimented the other. I remember a couple of times when I was working with a team of people and someone would list what had to be done and we would all just break. We all knew what task we were going to do and we got it done. Now think about powerful it is when everything you want in your life is working with you to become part of your life. It is powerful and amazing to imagine that.

Luck and coincidence are the words that are used to let you know that what you want wants you. They are the signs that show you which way to go and what to do. I was at friend’s studio recently learning how to cut mats for the prints of my mandalas and at that exact time, Kate Roger, the woman who is conducting my priestess training, called to ask me if I would like to do a workshop at our next training She could of called me at anytime and yet she called when I was taking steps to birth my mandala into the world. Was it a coincidence that she called right at that moment? No. It was the Universe speaking to me, letting me know that these mandalas that I love to do want to be birthed, want to exist and want to go out into the world. The Universe speaks to us constantly. It gives us clues and directions to support us in gaining our own personal legends, our own destiny. Every day, in each event, seek what you are being guided to do. Learn to look at luck and coincidence to see where they are guiding you. Ask for guidance and be open to the signs and omens that the universe sends. It is constantly speaking to you. Are you listening?


You can check out a sample of my mandalas on this blog. Just click on the Mandala tab at the top.


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