Are You In Your Own Way?

The Master steps out of the way
and lets the Tao speak for itself.

Verse 45 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

Do you ever feel like you are your own worst enemy? Do you ever feel like you could get everything you want from life if you only didn’t have to contend with yourself? Well me too! It always seems to me that I know exactly what to do to get me what I want and yet never seem to actually get around to doing it. Or maybe I do do it but I get it done so much later than what seems appropriate. I bet most of us have felt that way at one time or another. We think ourselves into doing things that we just knew would not work and think ourselves out of things that we knew would work but just seemed to crazy or time consuming. It is at these times that life seems the most stressful, hard and demanding. It’s like the whole world is conspiring against us. Well it is. Sort of.

What is really happening is you’ve stepped outside of the flow and decided to impress your will upon it. OK, maybe it’s not as harsh as all that, but instead of going with the course of a river you are paddling against it. The Master does not fight the flow nor does The Master attempt to press their will upon it. They see things as they are. They see what is happening and instead of trying to control that, use it to achieve what is meant to be. They use the flow of events and situations to achieve whatever it is they desire. The Master uses the flow of the river to get where they want to go in the shortest time possible. What does that look like, you ask? The next time you are stuck in unexpected traffic and are smarting at how late you will be, use the time to your advantage. You can take the time to practice relaxation, plan your next meeting, or look at where the flow of your life may be leading. Take the time to look for the signs and omens that will speak to you of the Tao what your path in it is. The Tao does not go the way that we will. This, The Master knows. The Tao goes the way that the Tao wills. Get out of the way and allow the current to lead you. Enjoy the ride and have fun along the Way!

In love and light


Your “Treasure” Is Your Unique Gift

“The closer one gets to realizing his Personal Legend, the more that personal legend becomes his true reason for being.” by Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist

I believe we all have a Personal Legend, a destiny, a reason that we chose to manifest into the world at this time. Those Legends are different for each one of us and they have nothing to do with money or treasure. The book The Alchemist uses the idea of treasure as an allegory for that thing inside of you that is unique to you. It is the stuff that makes you – you and that unique stuff is what your Personal Legend, your Treasure, is tied too. That unique combination of talents, insights, experiences, and wisdom has never before existed in this world before and will never exist again. That combination is tied to your Personal Legend, your destiny. There are points in the book that, if the shepherd boy had been someone other than who he was, he would have stepped aside and done something differently. Anyone else on the path of finding the treasure would not have accomplished finding it. Finding that treasure takes the unique combination of this particular person, in this case the shepherd boy, to make it happen.

Your destiny is something that will bring you joy. It will play to your strengths and talents. It will be that part of you that is connected to God, The Universe, Spirit, or whatever you call the guiding intelligent force that is within all things. Discovery of your Treasure lies on the path that you follow that comes from your own insights. This path is one that you follow because your heart and soul said it is so. You will not find your Treasure by blindly follow the path of another. Each teacher, each situation, each moment on the path will show your the next step the moment you make that idea, that belief, your own. This means you assimilate it into yourself. It becomes your Truth, your Knowing, your own beliefs. It becomes one with your own unique world view. When you trust that uniqueness and follow it you find your Treasure, your Destiny. You will walk the path that you were born to follow and that no one else in this world can walk. You will step fully into who you are.

In love and light


What Impossible Thing Will You Do?

I had an occasion this week to give a 60 second commercial for my business at a BNI (Business Networking International) meeting in my area. It had been the first time I had been to one. So here it is.

Lewis Carroll wrote, “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” What did you believe before breakfast this morning? Did you believe you could create a multi-million dollar business? Did you believe you could travel the world, write a book, have a vacation home in Hawaii? Did you believe you could have open, honest, and committed relationships with everyone in your life? Did you believe you could have the life you desire? My name is Celina McMahon. I am a certified life coach and spiritual alchemist. Let me support you in discovering your beliefs and shifting those beliefs into ones that will get you the life you desire. What impossible thing will you believe in?

“Things are only impossible until they are not.” Captain Picard said that to Data – the android character in Star Trek: The Next Generation – when he told his captain something was impossible. Things are only impossible until they are not. Your belief in doing the impossible, your belief in achieving the impossible, is the energy that begins the process of accomplishing it. It is the power that begins to shift the impossible to the possible. It shifts the unachievable to the achievable. Your very question of “How can I create a multi-million dollar business? How can I travel the world, write a book, have a vacation home in Hawaii? How can I have open, honest and committed relationships with everyone in my life?” begins the shift to finding the way to make that happen. In the very nature of asking a question, there is an assumption that there is an answer. If you assume there is an answer, you will begin looking for it. You will begins the process of making it happen. You begin the steps that create the momentum, the energy, and the power to make it happen. When you say “How can I?” there is an immediate shift into action and exploration. There is a shift into belief.

What impossible thing will you believe before breakfast?

In love and light


Responsibility doesn’t equal fault.

We all reap what we sow. It is a law of the universe. You can believe in it or not. It’s like gravity, you may choose not to believe in gravity, but when you drop something it is going to go down toward the ground. You can give it whatever name you want, things are still going to go down, sometimes hard. So, you reap what you sow. Everything in your life is a product of what you sowed in some area. If you sowed discord and gossip at your work, then you are going to reap that also. If you sowed charity and compassion among your friends and strangers, then you will reap that also. I remember going through a period of time when I decided to sow ideas. Anything that came to me I would throw out to whomever I was talking. I would tell them “You run with it.” Whether they did or not, I didn’t care; I was sowing ideas. I ended up having to slow down on the sowing because I was getting so many ideas of what I wanted to do and projects I could follow, that I was temporarily immobilized by all the choices. Hmmm… that’s a rambling for another day. Remind me. So I became more deliberate in my sowing of ideas and reaped the benefit of that by having a more consistent stream of ideas that didn’t overwhelm me. Well, it didn’t overwhelm me most days. I would speak of book ideas, workshop ideas, inspirations for paintings, ways to improve work flows, anything and everything that came to mind. I would throw those pebbles into the river of life and let it flow where it will.

I think one of the hang ups people have with this whole idea of reaping what we sow, is that they expect it to return to them in the same form that you sowed. I understand how that assumption can come about. After all, if you plant apples you are not going to get peanuts. So you believe that if you donate money to charity then you should be reaping money from something. Way wrong answer! If you are donating money to get money, you are not sowing money are you? No you are sowing stinginess; you are giving something to get something. That is a whole other problem. Let’s look at this from another angle. You smile everyday at everyone you meet because you like to see people smile. So maybe instead of people smiling at you first, (that would be a direct correlation) people are friendlier to you or other drivers let you in the line before them or people hold open the door for you. So if you want to increase something in your life, start giving it away. Always remember that if you give to just get then it’s not going to work. So, instead, think of it in the terms of: this is something I lack in my life; if I lack it others must lack it too so I will help them make up their lack. As you do this you will come to understand why this lack is there and be able to correct it within your own life. Remember it may not (and probably won’t) show up as you expect, so STOP looking for it! Just enjoy the sowing

One other thing I’d also like to mention is that when you shift one thing in your life, everything else moves also. It’s all related, so as you begin to sow things in some areas of your life, it will absolutely affect others. It’s all connected. It is all a part of you and you can’t segregate areas of your life for very long. Eventually they all affect each other. So go with it, and realize that as you begin sowing, all things will change!

In love and light


Information Does Not Equal Being Informed

“You have to be informed,” a co-worker said to me. We had been discussing the media and how it wasn’t serving the people of the US. How it was part of the problem and not part of the solution. “No you don’t,” was my reply. “Now that’s scary.” he said. I just smiled.

To someone whose whole life is about gathering information, cataloging and analyzing it, there is only more information to be had. The answer is gotten from getting more information, by asking more questions and getting more answers, by looking, analyzing, asking or reading other people’s opinions. It is always found outside of yourself. The problem is that everything is just someone’s perception of the events taking place. It’s all someone else’s opinion.

Inside each one of us is a connection to the infinite universe. We are a piece of the holographic universe, and that piece contains all the information of the whole. So inside of us, we contain all the information we need to make the decision that is good for us, good for this country, and good for this world. It is when we start looking outside of ourselves that we get confused and misled. It is when we believe that somehow we are lacking some vital piece of information to make an informed decision that we somehow seem to take the wrong road, or go down the wrong path.

As a society we have lost our ability to trust and rely on our gut instincts. There was a great piece that Oprah did interviewing women in crisis situations and how they all had some “feeling” beforehand but CHOSE to ignore it. We are not taught to trust and depend on our instincts anymore. We are taught to listen to the experts, and the informed, and the knowledgeable. We are taught to give over our power and connect to the universe through someone else because that person will lead us to nourishment and safety. They are just like us, no better, no worse. They may seem to have more knowledge, but they have the same connection we do, the same ability to get the answers as we do. However, we must trust that ability and learn to use it for the betterment of ourselves and the world. The next time someone discounts your opinion because you don’t have enough knowledge, remember that you both have the same connection to this universe and all it’s knowledge. Remember that your instincts about a situations are just as valid, perhaps more so, than their knowledge. Trust your gut.

In love and light


“How can I” do the impossible?

When an elephant is very young, their leg is tied with a large rope. The other end of the rope is tied to something very secure, a tree for example, something the baby elephant can’t break or carry away. Very soon this creature learns that it is useless to attempt to break the rope or to go past the rope’s limit. It learns that it is secured. The elephant learns the limit of it’s world. Soon, the elephant incorporates this world view into it’s mindset. It becomes such a part of the elephant’s mindset that even when it is an older, very powerful elephant, it will never attempt to break this rope. The elephant will always feel that weight and as soon as it feels the resistance of the rope the elephant will believe it has reached it’s limit.

Human beings are also conditioned in this way. Every “no,” every “you can’t do that,” every “that’s impossible” is taken and incorporated into our world view. We are taught from a very young age what our limits supposedly are, and when we feel the slightest resistance on those limits we stop. We believed that we have reached our limits. However, what we have reached is only our current mindset’s limits.

We never know what our limits are until we push against the ones that we believe we have. As with any training process, you take one step, action, or perspective beyond that of what you believed your limit to be. You allow yourself to be open to the possibility that everything that you have learned about yourself until this point may not be the whole truth. You allow yourself the possibility that all you know about your limits, restrictions, and boundaries may be completely incorrect. Switch from the mindset of “I can’t” to a mindset of “How can I” to begin to explore what false limitations you have set for yourself without even realizing that you have set those limits. Each step beyond what was “no” before creates a new belief about what is possible. Lewis Carroll wrote, “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” What would happen to your life if you made that one shift and believed that you could accomplish six things in your life that you told yourself were impossible? What would your life look like then?

In love and light

What can you learn from a dead rose bush?

I love roses. For a long period after my husband and I bought our house, I would plant them all over the yard. I love rose bushes but I really don’t like gardening. My idea of gardening was plant it in the ground, maybe remember to water it, almost never remember to feed it and perhaps pull up the weeds that obscure the plant. Well, come to find out, roses can be very tricky, and tricky gardening and me really don’t really connect. So needless to say (and I’m going to say it anyway) most of the roses I planted died. I’d say about 98% of them. I still have one alive and thriving in the backyard.

The second rose bush is the focus of this post. There is this great spot by the corner of our front porch that is perfect for a rose bush. Well, at least I thought so. It gets lots of sun and is away from the possibility of being mowed over by a lawn mower, which has happened one or two times to some of my plants. So perfect was this spot, in fact, that I planted four different varieties of roses, four different times, in that spot. They all died. So finally I decided enough was enough and I pulled up the last dead rose bush, roots and all, and planted a holly bush instead. I love holly, too.

After about two years of the holly bush thriving very nicely, a second plant started sprouting in the middle of the holly. A plant that looked sort of like a rose bush. I thought that very odd and decided to let it continue growing to see what it was. The holly bush didn’t seem to mind. It is now two years later, and this spring we got about 30 blooms on this dead rose bush. I was amazed. My husband was amazed. I bet that holly bush was amazed. Probably the only one not amazed was the rose bush. My husband asked me to trim it back because it’s starting to grow towards the back yard and is taking over the porch. My response was, “I can’t. It’s dead!”

Now onto the moral of the story. Sometimes you have to pull an idea up by the roots, throw it out completely and start focusing on a completely different idea before the first one will take root and grow. You just keep planting until something grows and flourishes. Also – let go and let God.

If you want to come and pick one of my undead roses to remind you of this fact, feel free

In love and light