A Decision is Made Over and Over Again.

“But he was able to understand one thing: making a decision was only the beginning of things.” by Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist

At the moment you make a decision there is a rush of energy and conviction. In that instant your whole being aligns with what you have decided to do. You become charged and energized. You see the direction you are going and this creates a feeling of completeness and power. You have decided. You know where you going and you are committed to getting there. And, as the shepherd boy realizes, making a decision is only the first step.

A decision is not something made just once, for only one time. A decision is made over and over again as the circumstances and situations in your life change. Making a decision is the first step and it is the middle step and it is the last step. It is all the steps in between. You make a decision. Then come all the other decisions after the first. They all follow in a line from that first choice. They follow in a line from that first decision. Making a decision is the first step in a line of other decisions. A decision is maintained by each of the following decisions that are made in each moment of each day.

After the decision, there comes the commitment and the actions to complete that decision. After a decision comes the maintaining of the drive, of that desire that caused you to make a decision in the first place. After the decision comes the will, and the know how and the learning that help you achieve what you have decided to do. After the decision the real challenges begins.

Is it no wonder that many people never want to make a decision with all the work that follows and all those other decisions stretching forth from the first. However, there is power and energy in making a choice. There is focus in choosing a direction and moving. When you make a decision and you make a commitment to that decision with all your heart and all your soul, the universe will rearrange itself to support you in that decision. It is only the first step and yet it is a vital, important step. Make a decision. Don’t let circumstances decide for you.

In love and light



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