Support? I need Support? Yeah. I Do.

I have a lot on my plate right now. Most of it is coming due in this next week. I have been walking the knife edge of overwhelm. There are days when I can feel the panic sliding beneath the surface of my skin threatening to slip it’s way out into a full blown temper tantrum. Then I remember to breathe and take things one moment at a time. What this has brought up for me is the question of support, and whether I am allowing myself to be supported and whether I am asking for support.
I know, for myself, I was not taught how to ask for support. The belief systems I incorporated growing up were ones that made me believe that asking for “help” was a sign of weakness. These beliefs made me think that I had to do it myself, figure it out on my own, and not show that I didn’t understand or “get” something. Growing up, I was able to figure most things out and understand what I was learning so I never really had to ask for help. The first time that I was confronted in school with something I didn’t understand I didn’t ask for support. My grades slipped from an A to a D over the course of the year and I passed the class with a C. My first C in my school history.
Over the last few years I have learned to ask for support. What I have not learned is what that support looks like. Another challenge. So I know I need support to get everything done, I just don’t know what to ask someone else to help with. Since I didn’t learn how to delegate and break tasks down growing up, I am learning now. The challenge is letting go of the belief that only “I” can get it done. This is a challenge for me, especially if it concerns my artistic endeavors. Another challenge is that I am usually late in the game for asking for support. The belief that I can do it all and that I have to do it all usually causes me to ask for support when I am already in overwhelm and it is more of a challenge to pass things off to those that can support me.

“The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts” is a very true statement. A group of people get more done working together than each person would do alone with the same tasks on their list. There is energy and wisdom in reaching out for support and working with others. I heard a great thing on the radio the other day. The power of the dog is in the pack. The power of the pack is in the dog. It means both the individual and the group are equally powerful and that working together does not cause you to lose your individuality, it causes you to magnify your strengths. Support and asking for support is a way to magnify what you are doing and how much you can get done Think about what’s going on in your life. Think about where you could use support and haven’t asked. Think about when support was offered to you. Were you able to accept? Were you able to tell the other person what you needed the support doing? Support is powerful. Think about how good it makes you feel when you can help someone accomplish something important to them. When you ask for support you are giving another person the opportunity to feel that good feeling too. When you deny someone the opportunity to help, you are being selfish in sharing those good feelings. Share the wealth. Spread those good feelings around. Ask for support.

In Love and Light