Life Coaching is a Bridge

What is a bridge? Something that connects to points. I am a bridge. I have been for a while but didn’t really understand what that means.

I remember a conversation I had with one of my cousins years ago. He was confused about the actions of many of the woman in his life and had called me to talk about it. He would tell me what was bothering him and why and I would explain to him some of the things that could have gone in the mind of the woman he was talking about. Toward the end of the conversation he told me “You have one of the most hybrid minds I’ve ever met”. He meant between male and female. I can usually explain to each gender what the other is thinking and feeling. I love comics and gaming, things that were considered “male”. I grew up hunting and fishing and shooting. I love the martial arts and have taken karate. I know have to apply make up, although I don’t wear it. I love looking at fancy ball gowns and enjoy redecorating my home. Although I still don’t get or can’t explain the appeal of football. Nope, just can’t do it. Hybrid – a bridge between one gender and another.

I am an artist. When I see something that captures my attention, how the light plays on a wall or the angles of a building, I want to capture in on paper. I majored in art in college. I love the exploration and process of working with images. I love the feeling of knowing a painting is complete and whole and beautiful. The play of colors against one another fascinates me. I am an artist and I also minored in math in collage. I love math, especially algebra. I love the stark simplicity of it, where it isn’t any thing but what it is. I love the process of changing equations to get the answers you are looking for. I love the balance of it. I love the logic of the math and the chaos of creating a painting. Hybrid – a bridge between logic and inspiration.

In case in wasn’t apart I have very logical, rational mind. I like to see, touch and understand the world is around me. I’m not a scientist and yet, the scientific process of exploration, questioning and logical progression appeals greatly to me. Still I believe in magic. I have seen elves. I have talked to and travel with Bear Spirit. I play in the realms of the what many would consider the fantastical. I am studying to become a Modern Day Priestess. Both worlds are real to me and if you ask I can give you a very logical explanation for magic.

Life coaching is just another bridge – a bridge between where you see yourself  in your life and where you desire to go. It a bridge between the beliefs that are not supporting you and the beliefs that will. It is a that which spans the crevasse that has your dreams on the other side. A bridge. That is what life coaching means to me – being a bridge. Considering how many other bridges there are within me this is not at all surprising that I have chosen to become a life coaching.

Spiritual Alchemy is an entirely other matter!

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