Why connection?

Connection. This word has become a goal, an aspiration for me in this coming year. The definition from Webster’s that I think applies most for this is: a political, social, professional, or commercial relationship. That is what I want this year to be about: developing relationships and,developing meaningful connections. There are many connections that come up when I think about what meaningful connections I want to develop. The first one I thought of was the connection to my Spirituality and my spiritual practices. What does that connection mean in that regard? It means to really be a part of the rituals and ceremonies I create in my life, and to really feel Spirit within all I do and in all my life. I want that connection to deepen and expand, and I want to share that with those around me. Another connection is the connection to the social world around me. A deepening and expanding of this connection means meeting new people, deepening my friendships, connecting to those friends that I lost communication with yet I still want in my life, coaching as many people as I can in a year, creating solid business relationships, and becoming part of different communities. This is such a large list of things I wish to do to expand my social connection. I want to create a connection to nature. This mean to be much more aware of the natural world around me, to spend time outside among the forests, to spend time observing and honoring the natural flow and cycles of life, to grow green things and work to reduce my environmental impact on this world.

Why connection? I believe we are all one being, one Spirit. We and all of nature are part of one unified field of consciousness. So as I deepen these connections in my life, I will deepen my connection to myself and Spirit.

In love and light



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