“What I Believe…” Support Community

How the community came about.

As a child growing up, I was exposed to the religious beliefs of my family. Although my parents were not devoted in their religious practices, they wanted to “do right by their children” and so they indoctrinated me into their faith. I learned my lessons and did all the things I was told. Somewhere along the way I took a slight detour and explored some slightly different beliefs. My parents completely supported me in this and I dove into these new beliefs head on.

In my teen years I began to question some of those beliefs. They didn’t sit well with me. I couldn’t resolve how some of those beliefs made me feel with who I was as a person. When these conflicts found no resolution in my mind and heart – I walked away from my religious practices and my spirituality. It was my experience that I had to accept all of the beliefs as absolute Truth or I was not being true to that belief system. Since I could not accept all these beliefs as true, I decided that must mean I was not part of that religion any more.

Twenty plus years later I began to explore again, only this time I was willing to trust how these beliefs made me feel. I looked to whether these new spiritual explorations supported me. I discovered what empowered me and what disempowered me AND I learned that I could take into myself as my “Truth” bits and pieces of what I was learning. I realized that I did not have to accept the sum total of someone else’s beliefs into my belief system and that I could still honor that other person and their beliefs. This realization for myself started me thinking about how different our world would be if we could hold our own Spiritual Truths with our being and still honor, respect and accept someone else’s Spiritual Truth as Truth for them, even if that Truth was drastically different than ours. Agree to disagree, so to speak. Thus, for me, Spiritual Alchemy was born and from that this community.

This is a place of exploration, of discovery, of being able to try different beliefs on and see how they fit. There are no wrong answers, only beliefs that empower or disempower, only practices that support you or do not support you. In this arena you can learn what it is you believe and what it is you do not believe. You can feel your own way through all of the many belief systems you have been exposed to and see which feel like Truth to you. You have all the answers within you. Your heart knows and understands exactly what those beliefs are and how they support you in your life. This is the place to listen to what your heart is telling you.

Be welcome into my cathedral.

If interested in the community or if you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail at celinamcm@yahoo.com.


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